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Re: [perl #24091] Not OK: perl v5.8.1 on sgi6-irix-ld 6.5

Ed Allen Smith
October 7, 2003 15:33
Re: [perl #24091] Not OK: perl v5.8.1 on sgi6-irix-ld 6.5
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In message <> (on 7 October 2003 23:41:46
+0200), (Tels) wrote:
>But why does 
>	perl -le "print +(81**3)**(1/3)"
>print 81 and not 80.99999999999999? perldoc print only says that it will
>print "a string or list of strings" but doesn't mention how print creates
>the strings. I guess it uses sprintf ("%.0f") or something internally when
>it sees a scalar containing a float, but I couldn't find the place where is
>documented how print converts floats to a string. (I am not saying that it
>isn't in the doc - I just don't know where to look for it. Where is
>perlgoogle when you need it...)

Quite. It's buried in one of the deprecated variables in perlvar:

     $#      The output format for printed numbers.  This variable is a
	     half-hearted attempt to emulate awk's OFMT variable.  There are
	     times, however, when awk and Perl have differing notions of
	     what is in fact numeric.  The initial value is, where n is
	     the value of the macro DBL_DIG from your system's float.h.
	     This is different from awk's default OFMT setting of %.6g, so
	     you need to set "$#" explicitly to get awk's value.  (Mnemonic:
	     # is the number sign.)


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