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[PATCH] maint@21233/t/io/tell.t, cygwin isn't dosish anymore

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Gerrit P. Haase
September 15, 2003 15:04
[PATCH] maint@21233/t/io/tell.t, cygwin isn't dosish anymore
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Hallo Porters,

Cygwin isn't dosish anymore, anyway the tell.t test 28 fails with or
without this patch in case there is no PERLIO setting in the
environment, it doesn't fail (with or without this patch) if there is
a PERLIO=crlf, PERLIO=raw or PERLIO=perlio env setting.  The last
tell($tst) returns 0 where 6 is expected when I don't set PERLIO to  However if I export PERLIO=crlf before running the test I get
other failings with this patch but no failings without this patch: 

$ export PERLIO=crlf
$ ./perl -Ilib t/io/tell.t
not ok 10
not ok 25
not ok 26
not ok 27

where I can explain 25/26/27: since I removed cygwin from the DosIsh
list and the binmode() on the filehandle is skipped now and the CRLF
layer does conversion from LF to CRLF the bytecount must fail.  Should
fail on every other platform if PERLIO=crlf does what it should do
(err what I think it should do), so the tests could be a little more
specific about the platform and/or the current top PERLIO layer
running on.

I currently have no idea why test 10 fails. And it is really strange
that tell($tst) returns 0 where 6 is expected in case PERLIO=nothing.

$ diff -urd t/io/tell.t~ t/io/tell.t
--- t/io/tell.t~        2003-09-15 23:02:03.062707200 +0200
+++ t/io/tell.t 2003-09-15 23:03:11.851620800 +0200
@@ -12,8 +12,7 @@
 $TST = 'tst';
 $Is_Dosish = ($^O eq 'MSWin32' or $^O eq 'NetWare' or $^O eq 'dos' or
-              $^O eq 'os2' or $^O eq 'mint' or $^O eq 'cygwin' or
-              $^O =~ /^uwin/);
+              $^O eq 'os2' or $^O eq 'mint' or $^O =~ /^uwin/);
 open($TST, 'harness') || (die "Can't open harness");
 binmode $TST if $Is_Dosish;


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