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[PATCH: perl@20898] have installperl install and dbga2p.exe for VMS

August 31, 2003 07:13
[PATCH: perl@20898] have installperl install and dbga2p.exe for VMS
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The enclosed patch taken w.r.t. perl@20898 modifies
only the installperl script for use on VMS to:

  1. install into perl_root:[000000] always
  2. correct problems with the installation of a2p for the
      usevmsdebug build

I note that 1. has the tempting allure of documenting
that people set up perl by attempting to run:


but perl_root is not defined and that advice should
be avoided.  There is another matter having to
do with the relocatability of that
Craig Berry requested but I did not address in this patch
and will take up the discussion of that issue separately
on the vmsperl list.

--- installperl.;1      Wed Aug 27 14:49:28 2003
+++ installperl   Sun Aug 31 10:03:09 2003
@@ -309,6 +309,9 @@
 # First we install the version-numbered executables.

 if ($Is_VMS) {
+    safe_unlink("$installbin/");
+    copy("", "$installbin/");
+    chmod(0755, "$installbin/");
     copy("$dbg$perl$exe_ext", "$installbin/$dbg$perl$exe_ext");
     chmod(0755, "$installbin/$dbg$perl$exe_ext");
@@ -316,9 +319,12 @@
     copy("$dbg${perl}shr$exe_ext", "$installbin/$dbg${perl}shr$exe_ext");
     chmod(0755, "$installbin/$dbg${perl}shr$exe_ext");
     if ($ndbg) {
-       safe_unlink("$installbin/$ndbg$perl$exe_ext");
-       copy("$ndbg$perl$exe_ext", "$installbin/$ndbg$perl$exe_ext");
-       chmod(0755, "$installbin/$ndbg$perl$exe_ext");
+        safe_unlink("$installbin/$ndbg$perl$exe_ext");
+        copy("$ndbg$perl$exe_ext", "$installbin/$ndbg$perl$exe_ext");
+        chmod(0755, "$installbin/$ndbg$perl$exe_ext");
+     safe_unlink("$installbin/${dbg}a2p$exe_ext");
+     copy("x2p/${dbg}a2p$exe_ext", "$installbin/${dbg}a2p$exe_ext");
+     chmod(0755, "$installbin/${dbg}a2p$exe_ext");
 elsif ($^O eq 'mpeix') {
@@ -508,7 +514,7 @@

 # Make links to ordinary names if installbin directory isn't current directory.
-if (!$Is_NetWare) {
+if (!$Is_NetWare && $dbg eq '') {
     if (! samepath($installbin, 'x2p')) {
      my $base = 'a2p';
      $base .= $ver if $versiononly;
End of Patch.

For the benefit of folks who cannot read patches
sent through Notes:

(See attached file: instpl.patch)

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