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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_08

Michael G Schwern
July 21, 2003 18:39
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_08
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or a CPAN near you.

Consider this to be a release candidate for 6.11.  AFAIK I've covered all
the issues I plan to cover prior to 5.8.1.  If you've got a problem and
its not listed here then I don't know about it.
If you're the owner of one of those stalled tickets, please reply with
the information requested so I can either close it or fix it.

If you have a problem, I want to hear about it.

A note for folks testing bleadperl and 5.8.1.  Please, please PLEASE if
you're reporting an error involving a development version of Perl and
MakeMaker, PLEASE also test MakeMaker against the latest stable version
of Perl as well.  That way we can figure out if its a MakeMaker bug or
a Perl bug.

The interesting things going on in this release:

* Some bugs around man pages and vendor directories fixed.
* A apparently really old NORECURS=1 bug fixed.  Wonder if it ever worked
* DESTDIR improved.
* Makefile.PL arguments are now passed along properly in recursive builds.

6.10_08 Mon Jul 21 18:17:06 PDT 2003
    * $Config{installvendorman*dir} was being ignored and our default
      always used. [ #2949]
    * Setting NORECUS to true was still resulting in a Makefile which
      tried to recurse into subdirectories which contained a Makefile.PL
      (it simply wouldn't have run them to generate Makefile's).
      This appears to be a rather old bug.
      [ #2951]
    * [ #4345] Arguments passed to WriteMakefile() would get
      stopped upon by $self->{PARENT} in recursive builds in the process
      of prepending a .. onto it.
    - Command.t now using its own temp directory when testing 
      expand_wildcards() so no stray files confuse it.
    * No longer warning about 'postamble' attribute.
    - Added installvars() to list INSTALL* variables so we don't keep
      repeating the list all over the code.
    - Added init_DEST() to create DESTINSTALL* variables for installing
      with DESTDIR set.
    * DESTDIR + PREFIX now does not duplicate DESTDIR.  [Redhat #91892
      and part of #2954]
    * DESTDIR is now not directly prepended to the INSTALL* variables.
      installation targets now use DESTINSTALL* instead.  This prevents
      the DESTDIR from showing up in places it shouldn't like perllocal.pod.
      DESTDIR is still appearing in .packlist (bug). [ #2954]
    - MM_VMS->prefixify() wasn't honoring the %Config_Override causing
      some MakeMaker generated config variables to be ignored.
    - MM_VMS->prefixify() was only VMSifying part of its filepaths causing 
      internal comparisions to get confused and think it had to prefixify 
      when it didn't.

6.10_07 Sat Jul  5 16:12:52 PDT 2003
    * Fixing location of perllocal.pod so its always in INSTALLARCHLIB
      instead of one for each perl, site and vendor.
    - Sun's make treats escaped newlines oddly.  Switching oneliner() back
      to using multiple -e's.
    * Bug in libscan() meant that any .pm containing RCS or CVS or SCCS
      in its name (for example, would be skipped.
    - Command.t was getting confused in the core because it was reading
      files from the core t/ directory, not MakeMaker's t/ directry.
    - MM_OS2 PERL_ARCHIVE_AFTER test wrong for a.out systems (Ilya)
    - Fixing perllocal.pod and XS installation on VMS.  An extraneous
      newline was introduced when changing the install macros over to
    - Added $(ECHO_N) macro to emulate 'echo -n'

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