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Jarkko Hietaniemi
June 30, 2003 04:05
maint @ 19893
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(or rsync -avz perl-5.8.x)

(This just in after I already rolled the tarballs: Win32ers may
 need to add dTHX; at the top of the Perl_doing_taint() in perl.c)

Changes since the last:
[ 19891] By: jhi                                   on 2003/06/30  09:39:29
        Log: Integrate:
             [ 19857]
             Regen Changes.
             [ 19858]
             perlhack update, by Steve Grazzini
             about macro support in gdb and gcc.
             [ 19859]
             Hash/Util.t and Encode/t/Aliases.t seem to be having
             random failures.  To make these easier to reproduce,
             add a variable, PERL_HASH_SEED_DEBUG, to display the
             hash seed.  E.g. in Debian/x86 Linux 3.0 PERL_HASH_SEED
             of 82972356 makes the first one to fail.
             [ 19860]
             Subject: Re: Change 19854: Bite the bullet and apply the hash randomisation patch.
             From: Tim Bunce <>
             Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 10:53:22 +0100
             Message-ID: <>
             [ 19861]
             Do not obey PERL_HASH_SEED or PERL_HASH_SEED_DEBUG
             if tainting-- but is this a good thing or a bad thing?
             (At least it makes debugging lib/Hash/Util.t harder,
             since it has, for no apparent good reason, -T: one must
             make a copy of it without the -T.)
             [ 19862]
             Make doing_taint() always available (though not
             part of the public API).
             [ 19863]
             Introduce (global) variable PL_earlytaint which
             is set very early in main(), before perl_parse()
             has been called and PL_tainting (or PL_taint_warn)
             might have been set.
             [ 19864]
             Use the PL_earlytaint.  (PL_earlytaint is a global,
             not per-interp, since perl_construct() is not passed
             the argc, argv, and therefore it can't set the per-interp
             [ 19865]
             atoi() doesn't cut the mustard if the PERL_HASH_SEED
             is larger than INT_MAX (atoi() returns -1 in that case).
             [ 19866]
             Some warnings about the (im)proper uses of the hash randomisation.
             [ 19867]
             The two-for-loops is no more a valid way to walk through
             a hash (this was the reason the Hash/Util.t intermittently
             failed, the two-loop didn't find all the SVs of the HV).
             [ 19868]
             Integrate mainline
             [ 19869]
             Fix test count, by Abe Timmerman.
             [ 19870]
             Two debugging patches.
             The first allows to hold symbolic switches in $^D
             and more generally fixes assignment to $^D. The
             second one improves the information given by -Dl.
             Subject: [PATCH] allow $^D = "flags"
             From: Dave Mitchell <>
             Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 22:26:24 +0100
             Message-ID: <>
             Subject: [PATCH] make -Dl show more scope info
             From: Dave Mitchell <>
             Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 23:00:36 +0100
             Message-ID: <>
             [ 19871]
             Subject: [Encode] pre-1.97 patches
             From: Dan Kogai <>
             Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 01:20:59 +0900
             Message-Id: <>
             [ 19872]
             Some clarification about the current semantics of CHECK and
             INIT blocks. See bug [perl #22826].
             [ 19873]
             Using $1 without testing success of the regexp, bad.
             [ 19874]
             Retract #19867; the bug was really much simpler:
             the < max must be <= max instead.
             [ 19875]
             [ 19876]
             Subject: Re: your malloc patches
             From: Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@Math.Berkeley.EDU>
             Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 06:54:06 -0700
             Message-ID: <>
             More malloc patches: now they seem to work even in Tru64.
             [ 19877]
             The #19842 is no more needed thanks to #19876,
             and the #19842 was wrong anyway (it affected
             only the threaded case.)
             [ 19878]
             Move the PL_earlytaint initialization to the PERL_SYS_INIT()
             as per suggestion from Sarathy.
             [ 19879]
             Another spot where a zero $test{$max} can make things go boom.
             [ 19880]
             argc, argv.
             [ 19881]
             More coffee...
             [ 19882]
             Perl_doing_taint must be public, for programs that embed perl
             [ 19883]
             More on the macro debugging and expansion.
             [ 19884]
             The joy of $0.  Undoing the #16399 makes Andreas'
             tests (see [perl #22811]) pass (yes, padding with space	instead
             of nul makes no sense, but that seems to work, maybe Linux does
             some deep magic in ps(1)?); moving the PL_origalen computation
             earlier makes also the threaded-first case fully pass.
             But in general modifying the argv[] is very non-portable.
             (e.g. in Tru64 it seems to be limited to the size of the
             original argv[0] since the argv[] are not contiguous?)
             Everybody should just have setproctitle().
             [ 19885]
             Fix a faulty alias.
             [ 19886]
             Misc Pod Nits.
             [ 19887]
             $0 test tweaks from Andreas.
             [ 19888]
             $0 doc tweakage.
             [ 19889]
             The 'contiguous' test for argv[], envp[] was bogus
             since those need not be in memory end-to-end, e.g.
             in Tru64 they are aligned by eight.  Loosen the test
             so that 'contiguousness' is fulfilled if the elements
             are within PTRSIZE alignment.  This makes Tru64 to pass
             the join.t, too.
             [ 19890]
             int is not UV.
     Branch: maint-5.8/perl
	  !> (integrate 39 files)
[ 19857] By: jhi                                   on 2003/06/26  08:29:59
        Log: Regen Changes.
     Branch: maint-5.8/perl
	   ! Changes
[ 19856] By: jhi                                   on 2003/06/26  05:55:24
        Log: Update Changes.
     Branch: maint-5.8/perl
	   ! Changes patchlevel.h

Jarkko Hietaniemi <> "There is this special
biologist word we use for 'stable'.  It is 'dead'." -- Jack Cohen

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