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RE: [perl #22189] patch: perl 5.8.0 compile error on ia64/HP-UX ( broken attribute test)

Nick Ing-Simmons
May 17, 2003 10:39
RE: [perl #22189] patch: perl 5.8.0 compile error on ia64/HP-UX ( broken attribute test)
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Robin Barker <> writes:
>I changed 'printf' to '__printf__' in the format enabled by CHECKFORMAT
>because the 'printf' was caught up in stdio/sfio MACRO merry-go-round.
>I could have changed format but it wasn't a problem, and I didn't know 
>it was an option.
>I think the remaining 'format's and 'printf's should be changed to
>'__format__' and '__printf__', including in Configure.

That depends if HP/UX really undestands the forms without the __
then why should we limit ourselves to the gcc-ish __ forms?

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>From: Andy Dougherty []
>Sent: 14 May 2003 15:26
>Subject: Re: [perl #22189] patch: perl 5.8.0 compile error on ia64/HP-UX
>(broken attribute test)
>On Tue, 13 May 2003, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>> I ran into a compile error when trying to compile perl 5.8.0 on ia64
>> HP/UX 11.22.  I got this error message when trying to compile
>> miniperlmain.c:
>>   Error 172: "perlio.h", line 209 # Undeclared variable '__printf__'.
>> The problem was the following code:
>>     __attribute__ ((__format__(__printf__, 1, 2)));
>> Tracking the problem further, I discovered the test for __attribute__
>> in Configure, where it is testing if the following construct is
>> compilable:
>>   #include <stdio.h>
>>   void croak (char* pat,...)
>> I belive the test in Configure should test for the same feature that
>> is used in the perl code, and rewrote 'format' to '__format__' and
>> 'printf' to '__printf__' to match perlio.h.
>Unfortunately, both forms (format and __format__) are used in the perl
>code.  I don't know why.  Nor do I understand why your compiler would
>accept one but not the other.  That's truly strange, and probably worth
>investigating.  Does your compiler actually support
>__attribute__((format())) but not __attribute__((__format__())), or is
>test flawed in some other way such that __attribute__ isn't supported,
>we fail to adequately detect that.
>> I also discovered that the result from this test isn't printed to
>> stdout, making it hard to find out what the result from this test was.
>Actually, it does print the result.  You just told Configure to suppress
>that information by supplying the -s switch to Configure.  Configure
>similarly suppresses other outputs from the "Checking ..." sorts of
>If you don't want Configure to suppress information, don't supply the -s
>In short, I have no objection to changing format to __format__ and
>printf to __printf__, but it'd be nice to know just why it matters so
>we can make the test more robust so that this issue wouldn't have
>come up in the first place.
>    Andy Dougherty
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