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[ANNOUNCE] CPAN Upload: A/AB/ABELTJE/Test-Smoke-1.17.tar.gz

Abe Timmerman
April 21, 2003 04:55
[ANNOUNCE] CPAN Upload: A/AB/ABELTJE/Test-Smoke-1.17.tar.gz
Message ID:
The uploaded file


has entered CPAN as

Here are the major changes since 1.16 (from ReleaseNotes):

    I have done a lot of refactoring and wrote loads of new code and
    documentation since v1.16.

    1 is the new way to smoke. It is a wrapper script around
        good ol' and

        It also uses the backends to and

    2 helps you create a (mandatory) configuration for This configuration is stored in a separate file, so
        that it is possible to have different configurations.

        One can think of different perl versions or different compiler

    3   New ways to sync the source-tree (see and

    4   Distribution now contains Mail::Sendmail (esp. for Win32)

    5   -Uuseperlio will now only do one (1) testrun and it's back in

    6   An implementation of Nick Clark's 'Hardlink Forest', with the extra
        --forest <directory> option to This will change the way
        to make distclean to another (hopefully faster).

    7   The subject of the message containing the report has changed:

         Smoke [perlversion] <patch> <summary> <os> - <osvers> (<arch>/<cpus>)

    8   If your platform supports UTF-8 locales you will now be able to do
        an extra pass of make test with $ENV{LC_ALL} set to such a locale.

    9   All the backends now have a front end script (,, and

    10  There now is a --smartsmoke option that will exit after the SYNCTREE
        step if the the patchlevel is the same as before.

    11  Some hacks are in place to support the smoking of perl-5.6.2 to be,
        as it doesn't need the extended PerlIO testing we use for 5.8+.

    12  To configure Test::Smoke for smoking perl-5.6.x(MAINT):

            $ perl -p smoke56x

        To configre Test::Smoke for smoking perl-5.8.x(MAINT):

            $ perl -p smoke58x

    13  I think I finally got make install to do what I want.

    14  We now include the hostname of the machine in the report for easy

    15  The shellscript ( implements a sort
        of lock machanism, so that "overlapping" smokes are prevented.

Good luck,

 I think this requires more thought, therefore
I'm excising the "promise" from perldelta and replacing it with more
non-committal mumbling.
                                   -- Jarkko Hietaniemi on p5p @ 2002-05-27 Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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