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[PATCH pod/perlpod.pod] was RE: How cross-platform is `foo 2>&1` these days?

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Robin Barker
April 8, 2003 06:25
[PATCH pod/perlpod.pod] was RE: How cross-platform is `foo 2>&1` these days?
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Perhaps not, C<< 2>&1 >> is perfectly acceptable.  
See pod/perlpod.pod, which contains a typo.

Extract from pod/perlpod.pod below.  Patch attached.


A more readable, and perhaps more "plain" way is to use an alternate
set of delimiters that doesn't require a single ">" to be escaped.  With
the Pod formatters that are standard starting with perl5.5.660, doubled
angle brackets ("<<" and ">>") may be used I<if and only if there is
whitespace right after the opening delimiter and whitespace right
before the closing delimiter!>  For example, the following will
do the trick:

    C<< $a <=> $b >>

In fact, you can use as many repeated angle-brackets as you like so
long as you have the same number of them in the opening and closing
delimiters, and make sure that whitespace immediately follows the last
'<' of the opening delimiter, and immediately precedes the first '>'
of the closing delimiter.  (The whitespace is ignored.)  So the
following will also work:

    C<<< $a <=> $b >>>
    C<<<<  $a <=> $b     >>>>

And they all mean exactly the same as this:

    C<$a E<lt>=E<gt> $b>

As a further example, this means that if you wanted to put these bits of
code in C<C> (code) style:

    open(X, ">>thing.dat") || die $!

you could do it like so:

    C<<< open(X, ">>thing.dat") || die $! >>>
    C<< $foo->bar(); >>

which is presumably easier to read than the old way:

    C<open(X, "E<gt>E<gt>thing.dat") || die $!>
    C<$foo-E<gt>bar(); >>

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!>+C<< 2>&1 >> redirects stderr to stdout.

Perhaps(?) that should read:

C<2E<gt>&1> redirects stderr to stdout.

podchecker -warnings -warnings could be the arbiter.

Peter Prymmer

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