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[PATCH] MakeMaker 6.06_05 -> 6.10_01

Michael G Schwern
April 6, 2003 20:46
[PATCH] MakeMaker 6.06_05 -> 6.10_01
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This patch syncs bleadperl up with MakeMaker 6.10_01 plus a minor fix
to 00compile.t to deal with comments in the core MANIFEST.  It contains
all MakeMaker patches submitted to p5p in the past week and should fix
all *known* problems.  If you're still having problems, please post a
detailed report immediately following the guidelines in 

There is one experiment in this patch.  In an attempt to get basic.t to
give more understandable failure diagnostics I've attempted to combine
the STDOUT and STDERR streams from `make some_target` using 2>&1 in the
hopes that most non-Unixen perls emulate this.  I already know MacPerl and
VMS do not and I'm pretty pessimistic about it working, but I'd like to
find out where it works and where it doesn't.  The logic for this is
in t/lib/MakeMaker/Test/ in the run() function.

6.10_01 Sun Apr  6 19:31:42 PDT 2003
    - Making install "Skip ... (unchanged)" message happen consistently
    - Checking file sizes as well as modification times when deciding
      to skip installing a file.
    - OS/2 was using $(RM) instead of $(RM_F) (Ilya)
    - OS/2 needs .dll removed on failed build (Ilya)
    - fixin() was assuming that rename() can overwrite the target (Ilya)
    - manifypods target was empty if there are no pods to manify.  Put in
      at least $(NOECHO) $(NOOP)
    - Cygwin test to check for finding pod2man when building the perl core
      removed.  No longer relevent.
    - Small fixes for dmake (Mattia Barbon)
    * Added "Reporting bugs" section to the PATCHING doc.
    - Minor bug in compile test missed ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid
    - Removing $(VERSION_FROM) from Makefile dependency.  It was too
      annoying to rebuild the Makefile every time the module changed.
      Mentioned it in the FAQ instead.
    - Fixing PERL_ARCHIVE macro on VMS.  Apparently it never appeared
      properly before. (Craig Berry)
    - Fixing ECHO on dmake.
    - Adding os_flavor() and os_flavor_is()
    - Making basic.t error output combine STDOUT & STDERR for easier 
    - ExtUtils::Manifest will now work case insensitively.
    - Fixed 'subroutine redefined' warnings in 00compile.t
    - Fixed it so typemaps are only looked for in the perl core library.
    - Hacking around VMS filesystem problems reconstructing package names
      from filenames in ExtUtils::Installed.  (Jesper Naur)

# There was no 6.06, I jumped straight to 6.10_XX because there's been
# so much change between 6.05 and now.

6.06_05 Mon Mar 31 02:44:11 PST 2003
    - Syncing into bleadperl.  Minor nits revealed...
    - AutoSplit open filehandle bug was fixed in bleadperl.  Averted a
      warning because of this.
    - hint files were only being loaded if . happened to be in @INC.
      A bug/feature of File::Spec was stripping off the current dir from
      the front of hintfile paths causing Perl to look for them in @INC.
      Worked around.
    - Now checking $! for errors if a hint file returns undef
    - compile test was testing all of perl!  Scaling back to just ExtUtils/

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