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[PATCH] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.03 -> 6.06_05ish

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Michael G Schwern
March 31, 2003 02:43
[PATCH] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.03 -> 6.06_05ish
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The sound you just heard was that of a 400K patch file impacting on your

The attached patch brings bleadperl up from MakeMaker 6.03 to 6.06_05ish.
The 'ish' is because I haven't quite released 6.06_05 yet, but so far it
only consists of fixes done while putting MM into bleadperl.

This verion has checked out on OS X, Cygwin98, Win98, Debian/Linux and
OpenVMS using 5.6.0, 5.6.1 and 5.8.0 in various combinations.  I've
successfully built Tk and PDL.  

This change looks enormous, and it is, but most of it is just cleanup, 
refactoring, removing redundant code and replacing ugly code.  MM_VMS has 
gotten slightly smaller despite VMS support improving.  MM_Win* have gotten 
about 30% smaller.  More platform agnostic methods have moved into MM_Any.
A diffstat on the patch is interesting.

The change log diff is something like 260 lines.  A lot of it is just
internal refactoring details.  Let me see if I can sum up the interesting 

    * Its much faster, especially blib copying and manpage generation
    * Prefixification is more reliable
    * Huge modules (bioperl) no longer run afoul of large shell commands
    * make install PREFIX=foo restored
    * DESTDIR added
    * 'make dist' now generates a prototype META.yml
    * More tolerant of X.Y_Z alpha version numbers
    * Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ (needs work)
    * Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial (needs work)
    * Added design NOTES
    * Added PATCHING suggestions
    * Restored ExtUtils::Liblist::ext() for backwards compat
    * Internals a bit nicer
    * Lots of redundant Win32 and VMS code removed
    * Better support for filepaths with spaces in them (C:\Program Files)
    * Now ignores subversion files
    * Fixed ExtUtils::Install on MacOS Classic
    * prompt() will now read input piped into the Makefile.PL
    * Honoring $Config{installstyle} better
    * disttest fixed on Win9X
    * WriteMakefile() arg verification more accurate
    * vendor install/doc targets work better
    * man installation directory names chosen better


    MacOS Classic is a complete loss
    OS/2 is probably broken
    ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial incomplete
    ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ very slim
    Some minor VMS nits relating to caseless filesystems.


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