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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.06_04

Michael G Schwern
March 30, 2003 20:49
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.06_04
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This latest version of MM fixes some nits under 5.5.3 and patches up some
minor problems discovered working with Big Modules like WxPerl, PDL and Tk.
MM is rapidly approaching a stable release.

I encourage people to hammer this release by trying to build & test
WxPerl, PDL, Tk, bioperl and other large modules with lots of tenticles
deep in MakeMaker.  Also anything that involves XS.

If you discover a problem, please make sure its a mistake in MakeMaker and not
the module by building the module against an older, stable release of MM 
and seeing if you get the same mistakes.  If you do, it might be the

6.06_04 Sun Mar 30 20:34:39 PST 2003
    - Now looking for ExtUtils::xsubpp through @INC rather than just
      the perl core directories.  This helps ExtUtils::ParseXS.
    - Systems which don't put their libraries under their $Config{prefix}
      (OS X, Debian) weren't putting their libraries in the spot declared
      in Config.  It was going under $Config{prefix}.
    - Prerequisites check now deals better with X.Y_Z style alpha versions
    - ExtUtils::Liblist->ext() was using $Config{perllibs} which is a 5.6.1
      thing.  Falling back to $Config{libs} if perllibs isn't there.
    - ExtUtils::Command::MM now reads from @ARGV if called with no
      args.  Makes the one liner a bit simpler.
    * Restored ExtUtils::Liblist::ext() for backwards compatibility.
      Missing since 5.6.1.
    - Switching to relative dirs for self-building to shorten
      command line lengths.
    - Fixing minor test warning on VMS when compiling ExtUtils::Manifest
    - Skipping STDIN read prompt() tests on 5.5.3.  Can't test due to
      eof() not honor tied handles.
    - on 5.5.3 doesn't have any concept of vendor*.  This was
      causing warnings when generating the Makefile.

6.06_03 Sat Mar 29 19:44:53 PST 2003
    - Added AUTHOR and ABSTRACT_FROM info for ppd generation.
    - Added echo() method to portably echo text to a file.
    - Worked around 5.8.0 eval 'require Foo::Bar' bug causing MakeMaker
      to think modules weren't installed.
    - Modernized VMS doc_*_install targets
    - Changed some $(PERL) -e "print ..." code to use $(ECHO).
    - Replaced uses of Delete/NoLog/NoConfirm with $(RM_F) in MM_VMS
    - Fixed some duplicate macros making MMS happy.
    - Fixed $ExtUtils::MM_VMS::Revision.  It was just the $VERSION before.
    - Fixed ExtUtils::Command::MM::perllocal_install(), uninstall(),
    * Pulling File::Spec::VMS::fixpath() and eliminate_macros() into MM_VMS
      as the new cannonical location.  They never should have been in F::S
      in the first place.
    * ExtUtils::Command::eqtime() would truncate the file being equalized!
      Holdover from exclusive .exists usage.
    - Cleaned up hard coded 'echo' and '@' to $(ECHO) and $(NOECHO)
    - $(SAY) is now $(ECHO) on VMS
    - Moved rogue initializations from tools_other() to init_others()
    - Normalized MM_VMS's tools_other() to mostly use its superclass.
    - split_command() was off-by-one when calculating max command line
      lengths causing it to run over on VMS
    - made split_command() a bit smarter, taking into account some macro
    - Fixed initialization of OBJECT, DISTNAME and LDFROM on VMS
    - Fixed *_install target uses of File::Spec.
    - Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish wrapper around vmsish so MM_VMS
      can be compiled on non-VMS machines.  For testing.
    * Added ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial about writing modules with
    - Removed "always use h2xs" dogma.
    - Added compile & POD test
    * 'make distdir' now generates META.yml module meta-data file.
      Proof of concept.  Have to syncronize with Module::Build.
    * Added maniadd() to ExtUtils::Manifest to add entries to the MANIFEST
    * ExtUtils::Command::chmod was not interpreting file permissions as
      octal.  Also, docs & tests slightly wrong (thanks Stas Bekman).
    - ExtUtils::Install was hard coding blib/lib and blib/arch, unportable
      [perl #21526]

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