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[patch] perlguts.pod

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Stas Bekman
March 8, 2003 16:54
[patch] perlguts.pod
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- Perl_sv_setsv doesn't exist since 5.8.0, use setiv in the examples
- s/ifdef/#ifdef/ and alike

--- perlguts.pod.orig	2003-03-09 11:45:57.000000000 +1100
+++ perlguts.pod	2003-03-09 11:49:14.000000000 +1100
@@ -1799,7 +1799,7 @@
  sanctioned for use in extensions) begins like this:

-  Perl_sv_setsv(pTHX_ SV* dsv, SV* ssv)
+  Perl_sv_setiv(pTHX_ SV* dsv, IV num)

  C<pTHX_> is one of a number of macros (in perl.h) that hide the
  details of the interpreter's context.  THX stands for "thread", "this",
@@ -1818,19 +1818,19 @@
  explicit arguments.

  When a core function calls another, it must pass the context.  This
-is normally hidden via macros.  Consider C<sv_setsv>.  It expands into
+is normally hidden via macros.  Consider C<sv_setiv>.  It expands into
  something like this:

-      define sv_setsv(a,b)      Perl_sv_setsv(aTHX_ a, b)
+      #define sv_setiv(a,b)      Perl_sv_setiv(aTHX_ a, b)
        /* can't do this for vararg functions, see below */
-    else
-      define sv_setsv           Perl_sv_setsv
-    endif
+    #else
+      #define sv_setiv           Perl_sv_setiv
+    #endif

  This works well, and means that XS authors can gleefully write:

-    sv_setsv(foo, bar);
+    sv_setiv(foo, bar);

  and still have it work under all the modes Perl could have been
  compiled with.
@@ -1874,16 +1874,16 @@
  and aTHX_ macros to call a function that will return the context.
  Thus, something like:

-        sv_setsv(asv, bsv);
+        sv_setiv(sv, num);

  in your extension will translate to this when PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT is
  in effect:

-        Perl_sv_setsv(Perl_get_context(), asv, bsv);
+        Perl_sv_setiv(Perl_get_context(), sv, num);

  or to this otherwise:

-        Perl_sv_setsv(asv, bsv);
+        Perl_sv_setiv(sv, num);

  You have to do nothing new in your extension to get this; since
  the Perl library provides Perl_get_context(), it will all just

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