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Re: Cygwin smoke

February 24, 2003 16:08
Re: Cygwin smoke
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>>I've a new w2000 at home, so I will use it for cygwin os and
> uname -a?

$ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.0 mercure 1.3.20(0.73/3/2) 2003-02-08 12:10 i686 unknown 
unknown Cygwin

>>cygwin      [stdio/perlio]
>>cygwin      [stdio/perlio]-DDEBUGGING
>>cygwin      [stdio/perlio] -Dusemultiplicity
>>cygwin    	  [stdio/perlio]-DDEBUGGING
>>               (cont) -Dusemultiplicity
>>     lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze.....FAILED at test 2
>>     lib/warnings.........................FAILED at test 414
>>../lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze....dubiousD. FAILED test 2
>>This failure are well known from HM Brand report:
> Yep, and it's hard to trace where it *realy* hides, but it has to do with a
> CRNL/NL mismatch. That's all. We would all be gratefull if you'd be able to
> silence it :)

I think I find something ...
I find a shortcut to see them:
PERLIO=perlio ./perl -Ilib lib/warnings.t
ok 412
ok 413
Insecure dependency in chdir while running with -T switch at - line 5.
Insecure dependency in chdir while running with -T switch at - line 5.
not ok 414

It's very strange as perlio is the default for perl-5.9 no ?
This can help to track the real bug ....the failure go avay with:
PERLIO="perlio :crlf" ./perl -Ilib lib/warnings.t
So if a patch is done, I think this is with Test-Smoke that he must be done.

I presume that Cygwin build use a default value of perlio :crlf as make 
test didn't fail in command line without setting this var.
(Why perl didn't set $ENV{PERLIO} to his real value ?)

So in this case, I think we must use for cygwin smoke layers ('stdio', 
'perlio :crlf')  as for win32 smoke.

For add another comment, I think that use :crlf as default for cygwin is 
a bug. I use the env var CYGWIN=binmode, and see cr is not what I want. 
Gerrit what you think about this ?

Else I see in log file a lot of (like 200):
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at 
../lib/ line 3459

>>Else I try to build with -Duseithreads, but no success. I see that 
>>nobody has send in past a result for this config.
> If you've got spare time, please try. Cygwin has promised to support threads,
> but it would also need time from the perl porters front.
>>In log, I've this:
>>t/op/getpid..........................FAILED at test 0
>>panic: MUTEX_INIT.
>>With lots of others.

>>alian@mercure ~/perl/perl-current
>>$ gdb ./perl
>>(gdb) run -Ilib lib/Test/Harness/t/strap-analyze.t
>>Starting program: /home/alian/perl/perl-current/perl.exe -Ilib 
>>panic: MUTEX_INIT.
>>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
>>0x1000b594 in S_my_exit_jump () from 
>>(gdb) where
>>#0  0x1000b594 in S_my_exit_jump () from 
>>#1  0x1000b4c3 in Perl_my_failure_exit () from 
>>#2  0x10061e29 in Perl_vcroak () from 

If someone need more info, I can send them, but I really I don't know 
how debug this and where start ! I can report regular smoke, but find 
why it's fail ...

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