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[PATCH: perl@186389] fix for PerlIO/Via compilation on VMS

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February 4, 2003 09:04
[PATCH: perl@186389] fix for PerlIO/Via compilation on VMS
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There appears to be an incompatibily between the type of Seek as declared
on line 36 of perliol.h in the perl@186389 kit:

     IV (*Seek) (pTHX_ PerlIO *f, Off_t offset, int whence);

and the return type of PerlIOVia_seek as declared at line 349 of ext/PerlIO/via/via.xs:

     PerlIOVia_seek(pTHX_ PerlIO * f, Off_t offset, int whence)

that is visible perhaps only to extraordinarily picky compilers
that draw a distinction between type int and type long (even if they are
the same size).  For example using DEC C V6.0-001 on OpenVMS V7.3-1 I
have these types in my config.h:

 $ search config.h Off_t
 #define Off_t int               /* <offset> type */
 #define Off_t_size 4    /* <offset> size */
 $ search config.h IVSIZE,IVTYPE
 #define IVTYPE          long            /**/
 #define IVSIZE          4               /**/

But the compiler complains with this message on an attempt to build
perl@186389 out of the box:

 MCR [---]miniperl.exe "-I[---.lib]" "-I[---.lib]" [---.lib.ExtUtils]xsubpp  -typemap [---.lib.ExtUtils]typemap VIA.xs >VIA.C
 CC/DECC /Include=[]/Standard=Relaxed_ANSI/Prefix=All/Obj=.obj /float=ieee/ieee=denorm_results/Define=("VERSION=""0.01""","XS_VERSION
=""0.01""")/Include=([---])/NoList  VIA.c

 %CC-W-PTRMISMATCH, In the initializer for PerlIO_object.Seek, the referenced type of the pointer value "PerlIOVia_seek" is "function
  (pointer to pointer to struct _PerlIO, int, int) returning int", which is not compatible with "function (pointer to pointe
 r to struct _PerlIO, int, int) returning long".
 at line number 598 in file DKA300:[PERL.PERL.EXT.PERLIO.VIA]VIA.XS;1

A solution would be to change either perliol.h or ext/PerlIO/via/via.xs.
Here is a patch that takes the latter approach (I've not had time to
explore the potential patch to perliol.h) that I have had time to
test on only the one platform (DEC C 6 && VMS 7.3-1), despite the fact
that it affects all platforms that will attempt to compile PerlIO/Via:

--- ext/PerlIO/via/via.xs;1   Tue Feb  4 10:07:54 2003
+++ ext/PerlIO/via/via.xs     Tue Feb  4 11:42:10 2003
@@ -346,7 +346,7 @@
     return SvIV(result);

 PerlIOVia_seek(pTHX_ PerlIO * f, Off_t offset, int whence)
     PerlIOVia *s = PerlIOSelf(f, PerlIOVia);

I hope that helps someone.  The patched perl fails 9 tests (one of
which is a local config issue that is definitely not perl's fault).
I'll try to address those later.

By the way, when is the release of 5.8.1 expected to occur?

Peter Prymmer

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