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Untouched Bugs

Robert Spier
February 3, 2003 19:51
Untouched Bugs
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The following bugs are more than three weeks old, and haven't been

Just glancing at the subject lines, a bunch of em look easy.


Over 21 days old

15010 bleadperl 5.8 has 'older' Text::Soundex (or Text::Soundex confusions)    
15063 /tmp issues                                                              
15161 Bus error (core dumped) in recursive s///                                
15189 Not OK: perl v5.8.0 on MSWin32-x86-multi-thread 4.0 (UNINSTALLED)        
15288 Unpack anomality                                                         
15621 Math::BigFloat compare problem.                                          
15764 5.005_03, BeOS: incorrect $? after system invocation (Was: 2.53b on BeOS,
      7 failures)                                                              
15844 Bug - Need your help                                                     
15944 getting pp_iter panic                                                    
15995 regexp test failures on win32 with VC++ 5.0                              
16027 Illegal Divide by Zero Error                                             
16235 local($^W) does not work correctly                                       
16771 installation on Windows 98                                               
16774 portability bug                                                   
16807 getting alarm() to work within threads                                   
16824 Behaviour of open()                                                      
16834 Anomolous behaviour of SUBSTR() used as LValue                           
16942 taint and regex problem                                                  
17001 possible problem with -d file test                                       
17040 Storable can'T store self-tied objects                                   
17063 Perl 5.8.0 / Solaris 8 / gcc 3.1 - make fails                            
17146 Build fails under VAX-DEC-ULTRIX                                         
17175 Perlbug uses interactive commands to the mail command (security issue)   
17227 Cwd::chdir hangs                                                         
17384 Problem with perl 5.6.1, Tru64 5.1A+pk3, and usemymalloc                 
17406 perl5.8.0, 'action' is triggered at each line                
17430 getpwuid fails to return proper data from /etc/passwd                    
17456 free() & malloc() under FreeBSD 4.5                                      
17487 [BUG] CPAN initial configuration                                         
17542 regex confusion                                                          
17575 recursive calls to tied hash FETCH fail                                  
17611 5.6.0, 5.6.1, 5.8.0 regexp core on (\@\@|.)*                             
17663 Perl 5 Debugger doesn't handle properly lvalue sub assignment            
17706 Perl QT3.002 and debug                                                   
17718 %tiedhash in bool context doesn't check if hash is empty                 
17733 Net::Telnet - Problem on HP-UX                                           
17765 UTF-8 in the debugger                                                    
17777 sprintf and printf handle format inconsistently                          
17929 perl #17928: Problem on make on perl 5.6.1 using gcc 2.95.3              
17934 tie *STDERR does catch internal warnings                                 
17967 AUTOLOAD failure                                                         
18042 cygwin perl problem with FindBin                                         
18049 Storable seg faults under perl 5.8.0 solaris, maximal 64bit              
18073 Unwanted clearing of array member when used as name of a file to be      
      Read-opened (reach of EOF ???)                                           
18123 [BUG] weird array oprand in foreach                                      
18218 DJGPP input buffering bug while system()                                 
18335 UNLINK doesn't work with file size > 2Gb on Linux ReiserFS, XFS          
18513 Last mod time from stat() can be wrong on Windows NT/2000/XP             
18546 Auto FTP Perl Script                                                     
18810 C<use Test::More;> causes C<BEGIN> blocks to be skipped.                 
18819 regular expression hanging                                               
18849 fork/system bug on FreeBSD                                               
18860 Memory leak in with perl_eval_sv API                                     
18872 File::Basename example misleading                                        
18904 Perl 5.6.1, DJGPP, case (in)sensitive env. var. names [PATCH]            
18961 Problem compiling DBD::Pg with thread support in 5.8 on Mac OS 10.2.2    
19078 wrong match order inside replacement                                     
19088 Thread::Queue                                                            
19134 no progress lookbehind in list contex                                    
19135 string eval turns off readonlyness on lexicals                           
19388 Regex vars after a while only existing if they have been "used"          
19455 -Mdiagnostics leaking on Foo::$bar                                       
19679 uncaught exception thrown on 4-line incorrect script                     
19686 libgd in mod_perl broken after installing php with gd support            
19750 "-X" misidentified as an operator in "stat" manual entry                 
19863 PerlIO flush issue                                                       
19869 Bug or an improvement                                                    
19898 [PATCH] forking to Perl children with IPC::Open3                         
19966 Re: Net::Ping patch for ICMP and Windows                             Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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