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Re: Save a few hunderd kilobytes or a few hundred perl users?

Mark Murray
May 1, 2002 09:30
Re: Save a few hunderd kilobytes or a few hundred perl users?
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> On Thursday, May 2, 2002, at 12:56 , Mark Murray wrote:
> >> For me, nowadays 45MB is nothing compared to medium HDD capacity, and 
> >> even
> >> my POCKET PC will easily accomodate it...
> >
> > 45 MB is fine as a port - we have ports that are way bigger than that.
> And we even have bigger ports that does take longer to build than 'make 
> buildworld' the whole FreeBSD (which takes less than 30 minutes on 
> Athron XP 1400 -- the fastest box I have at my fingertip).
> > As part of the base OS? Nope. The only functionality that we _need_
> > is the basic language - effectively miniperl.
> But to sensibly strip down the distribution to just as much as needed 
> does take a lot of something the most precious -- intellectual power.  

Nope - it is trivial. We already make miniperl. We just need to install
it and not install the rest of perl. 10 mins to do the work, and on-and-off
fiddling to make the world build complete.


> That I consider a waste.  I don't think anyone objects that there are 
> several hundred, or even thousand, files under /usr/src so long as it 
> builds and so long as it nicely fits -- say, in a CD-ROM.  FreeBSD 
> 4.5-stable as of now is just 364,149 kBytes UNCOMPRESSED.  Why don't you 
> just untargz what Perl 5 porter has to offer and forget about what files 
> should go and stay?  You can easily install only needed parts.


Its easy to "rm -rf <stuff>" where <stuff> != unix, and other simple

> Speaking of which, the whole build process does not use objective-C 
> (correct me if I am wrong).  So if you insist on stripping Perl it may 
> as well be unfair to leave GCC unstripped (I pretty much doubt GPL 
> allows you to do so, however).

We strip GCC. We strip most things that we install in src/contrib.

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