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[PATCH] D'oh, Dump and dump...

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December 19, 2001 11:50
[PATCH] D'oh, Dump and dump...
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I was looking at the closure problem that came up earlier, and trying
to use Devel::Peek to look at the sub references to see what the problem

Unfortunately, my test code kept dumping core.

After much tearing of hair, running debuggers, and re-reading 
perldoc Devel::Peek, I _finally_ noticed that the function is
called Dump and not dump.  perldoc -f dump completed my
embarrassment. :)  

Here's a patch to Devel/, in hopes I'll save the next
newcomer to Devel::Peek my shame...
Mike Giroux
via, but not for, Bear-Stearns

$ diff -u
---        Wed Dec 19 14:42:04 2001
+++     Wed Dec 19 14:44:15 2001
@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@
 =head1 SYNOPSIS

         use Devel::Peek;
+        # NOT dump, which is a built-in which forces a coredump
         Dump( $a );
         Dump( $a, 5 );
         DumpArray( 5, $a, $b, ... );
@@ -80,6 +81,10 @@
 counts on SVs.  This document will take a passive, and safe, approach
 to data debugging and for that it will describe only the C<Dump()>
+Note that using C<dump()> instead of C<Dump()> will result in a core dump.
+This is not a bug; instead, it is the intended behaviour of the built-in
+dump function.

 Function C<DumpArray()> allows dumping of multiple values (useful when you
 need to analyze returns of functions).

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account or account activity contained in this communication.

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