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[PATCH hints/] Examining Redhat patches

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Michael G Schwern
October 26, 2001 18:42
[PATCH hints/] Examining Redhat patches
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Out of curiousity, I pulled the Redhat 5.6.0-12 source RPM and looked
at what they've patched.  Some of it is very RH specific, but there's
a few little corrections we could include.

The include Digest::MD5, we include Digest::MD5.  Good.

perl-5.6.0-errno.patch tears out get_files() and process_file() and
replaces it with a very RH specific get_errors() which goes through
the defines in errno.h.  I'm curious why the original functions didn't
work.  Patch attached.

From perl-5.6.0-fhs.patch below is a small correction to
hints/ that RH uses -devel not -dev.

perl-5.6.0-installman.patch appears to be a real problem in pretty
much everything before 5.7 (ie. INSTALLMAN*DIR not honoring PREFIX)
but seems finally fixed in bleadperl.

perl-5.6.0-nodb.patch seems to be thrashing around making NDBM_File
working with... something.  I've attached it if someone wants to
figure out if it's useful.

perl-5.6.0-prereq.patch is a very coarse hack to have Makemaker dump
out the module prereqs and then exit.  Something like this might be
useful as perhaps a make target or MakeMaker function.  Attached.

perl-5.6.0-syslog.patch looks like it's adding syslog logging to
validate_suid().  It looks like a lot of the code it's emulating (like
sending mail to root) is gone.  I've attached it for someone more
knowledgable about suid to evaluate.

The rest is all RH stuff.

--- hints/	2001/10/27 00:18:08	1.1
+++ hints/	2001/10/27 00:18:33
@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@
 # If you want to link against such a library, you must install the development
 # version of the package.
-# These packages use a -dev naming convention in both Debian and Red Hat:
+# These packages use a -dev naming convention in Debian and -devel Red Hat:
 #   libgdbmg1  (non-development version of GNU libc 2-linked GDBM library)
 #   libgdbmg1-dev (development version of GNU libc 2-linked GDBM library)
 # So make sure that for any libraries you wish to link Perl with under
-# Debian or Red Hat you have the -dev packages installed.
+# Debian or Red Hat you have the -dev[el] packages installed.
 # Some operating systems (e.g., Solaris 2.6) will link to a versioned shared
 # library implicitly.  For example, on Solaris, `ld foo.o -lgdbm' will find an


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