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[DOC PATCH] Add perl4 warning messages to perldiag.pod

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Philip Newton
August 31, 2001 12:05
[DOC PATCH] Add perl4 warning messages to perldiag.pod
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Hi, recently someone posted to the Perl-Win32-Admin mailing list a CGI
error message he had got which included the string ""use" may clash
with future reserved word at <file> line <line>". I seemed to recall
that this could be due to running a perl5 script through perl4, and
confirmed that guess on an HP-UX system which came with perl 4.036.

Since perldiag.pod is so friendly as to list several error messages
that come from putting a Perl script through sh or csh, I suggest
adding two messages (an error message and a warning) that can arise
from running a Perl5 script through a perl4 interpreter.

Comments on the formatting and text are welcome; an email copy is
appreciated as well.

I left off the "at %s line %d" from the "may clash with future reserved
word" warning since that seems to be the practice with other messages
as well, but with the "syntax error", I left them in since the "next 2
tokens" appears to be a magic word that says "Perl4" to people who've
seen the message before.


--- pod/perldiag.pod.orig       Fri Aug 24 06:53:40 2001
+++ pod/perldiag.pod    Fri Aug 31 19:57:47 2001
@@ -1879,6 +1879,12 @@
 shows in the regular expression about where the problem was discovered.
 See L<perlre>.

+=item "%s" may clash with future reserved word
+(W) This warning may be due to running a perl5 script through a perl4
+interpreter, especially if the word that is being warned about is
+"use" or "my".
 =item % may only be used in unpack

 (F) You can't pack a string by supplying a checksum, because the
@@ -3336,6 +3342,12 @@
 (A) You've accidentally run your script through the Bourne shell instead
 of Perl.  Check the #! line, or manually feed your script into Perl
+=item syntax error in file %s at line %d, next 2 tokens "%s"
+(F) This error is likely to occur if you run a perl5 script through
+a perl4 interpreter, especially if the next 2 tokens are "use strict"
+or "my $var" or "our $var".

 =item %s syntax OK

End of patch.
Philip Newton <>

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