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What in t/op can use Test::More and what can't.

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Michael G Schwern
August 30, 2001 11:46
What in t/op can use Test::More and what can't.
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Ok, quick run-through of what in t/op it's safe to use Test::More
with.  'Yes' means use Test::More.  'No' means use an 'ok' function.
'No way' means you can't even use an 'ok' function.

This is just a quick, cursory overview.  Scream if something looks wrong.

t/op/64bitint.t         Yes
t/op/anonsub.t          Yes
t/op/append.t           No (be careful)
t/op/args.t             No way
t/op/arith.t            No
t/op/array.t            No (if you avoid using any arrays)
t/op/assignwarn.t       No
t/op/attrs.t            Yes
t/op/auto.t             Yes
t/op/avhv.t             Yes
t/op/bless.t            Yes
t/op/bop.t              Yes
t/op/chars.t            Yes (bad name for the test)
t/op/chop.t             Yes (would be nice if chomp() was split out)
t/op/closure.t          Yes
t/op/cmp.t              No (be careful)
t/op/concat.t           No (be careful)
t/op/cond.t             No (should this be in base?)
t/op/context.t          What is this?
t/op/defins.t           Yes
t/op/delete.t           No
t/op/die.t              No
t/op/die_exit.t         No
t/op/do.t               Yes 
t/op/each.t             No
t/op/eval.t             No
t/op/exec.t             Yes
t/op/exists_sub.t       Yes
t/op/exp.t              No
t/op/fh.t               Yes
t/op/filetest.t         Yes
t/op/flip.t             Yes (what is this?)
t/op/fork.t             Yes
t/op/glob.t             Yes
t/op/gmagic.t           Yes (what is this?)
t/op/goto.t             No
t/op/goto_xs.t          No
t/op/grent.t            Yes
t/op/grep.t             No
t/op/groups.t           Yes
t/op/gv.t               No
t/op/hashwarn.t         Yes
t/op/inc.t              Yes
t/op/inccode.t          Yes
t/op/index.t            Yes
t/op/int.t              Yes
t/op/join.t             No
t/op/lc.t               Yes
t/op/length.t           Yes
t/op/lex_assign.t       No  (be careful)
t/op/lfs.t              Yes
t/op/list.t             No  (be careful)
t/op/local.t            No
t/op/loopctl.t          No
t/op/lop.t              No Way  Leave as is.
t/op/magic.t            Yes
t/op/method.t           No
t/op/misc.t             No (what is this?)
t/op/mkdir.t            Yes
t/op/my.t               No (be careful)
t/op/my_stash.t         Yes
t/op/nothr5005.t        Yes
t/op/numconvert.t       Yes (I don't understand the warning at the top)
t/op/oct.t              Yes
t/op/ord.t              Yes
t/op/override.t         Yes
t/op/pack.t             Yes
t/op/pat.t              No
t/op/pos.t              Yes
t/op/push.t             No
t/op/pwent.t            Yes
t/op/quotemeta.t        No
t/op/rand.t             Yes
t/op/range.t            No
t/op/read.t             Yes
t/op/readdir.t          Yes
t/op/recurse.t          No
t/op/ref.t              No
t/op/regexp.t           No
t/op/regexp_noamp.t     No
t/op/regmesg.t          Yes
t/op/repeat.t           Yes
t/op/reverse.t          Yes
t/op/runlevel.t         What is this?  Looks like misc.t again.
t/op/sleep.t            Yes
t/op/sort.t             Yes
t/op/splice.t           Yes
t/op/split.t            Yes
t/op/sprintf.t          No (careful, don't use sprintf)
t/op/stat.t             Yes
t/op/study.t            Yes
t/op/sub_lval.t         Yes
t/op/subst.t            No
t/op/subst_amp.t        No
t/op/subst_wamp.t       No
t/op/substr.t           Yes
t/op/sysio.t            Yes
t/op/taint.t            Yes
t/op/tie.t              Yes
t/op/tiearray.t         Yes
t/op/tiehandle.t        Yes
t/op/time.t             Yes
t/op/tr.t               Yes
t/op/undef.t            No
t/op/universal.t        Yes
t/op/unshift.t          Yes
t/op/utf8decode.t       Yes
t/op/vec.t              Yes
t/op/ver.t              Yes
t/op/wantarray.t        Yes
t/op/write.t            Yes


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