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Request for testing FAQs

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Michael G Schwern
August 21, 2001 14:56
Request for testing FAQs
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I'm compiling a FAQ about testing to accompany a new testing tutorial
I'm writing.  It needs real world questions (and hopefully answers).

People here must have heard some, send them on to me.  If you have
answers to go with them, so much the better.

Here's what I've got so far.  Anything with *NO ANSWER* means I don't
have a really good answer for it.  Everything else I should have
covered (though I encourage you to take a crack at it.)

=head2 Is there any tutorial on testing?

=head2 Are there any modules for testing?

=head2 Are there any modules for testing web pages/CGI programs?

*NO ANSWER*  I know of CGI::Test and WWW::Chat, but haven't used them.

=head2 Are there any modules for testing external programs?

*NO ANSWER*  I only know of Test::Cmd, but haven't used it.

=head2 Can you do XUnit/JUnit style testing in Perl?

=head2 How do I test my module is backwards/forwards compatible?

=head2 If I'm testing Foo::Bar, where do I put tests for Foo::Bar::Baz?

=head2 How do I know when my tests are good enough?

=head2 How do I measure the coverage of my test suite?

=head2 How do I get tests to run in a certain order?

=head2 What should I name my tests?

=head2 How do I deal with tests that sometimes pass and sometimes fail?

=head2 How do I test with a database/network/server that the user may or may not have?

=head2 What's a good way to test lists?

=head2 Is there such a thing as untestable code?

=head2 What do I do when I can't make the code do the same thing twice?

=head2 How do I test a GUI?

*NO ANSWER* About the only answer I have is "seperate form and
functionality" ie. put as much code as possible in display agnostic
libraries.  This isn't really an answer, it just makes the problem

=head2 How do I test an image generator?

Believe it or not, I have an answer for this.

=head2 How do I test that my code handles failure gracefully?

=head2 How do I check the right warnings are issued?

=head2 How do I test code that prints?

=head2 I want to test that my code dies when I do X


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