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[PATCH 5.6.x, 5.7.2] hints/ tweaks.

Andy Dougherty
August 7, 2001 12:48
[PATCH 5.6.x, 5.7.2] hints/ tweaks.
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This applies to both perl-5.6.1 and perl-5.7.2.

The hints/ file incorrectly forced $usedl.  This patch allows
command-line overrides.

Also, Configure correctly picks up dlopen() and dlerror() from crt0.o, so
the special cases in the hints file are not needed.

diff -r -u perl-current/hints/ perl-andy/hints/
--- perl-current/hints/	Tue Feb 13 00:30:17 2001
+++ perl-andy/hints/	Tue Aug  7 11:45:32 2001
@@ -25,16 +25,18 @@
 # Not all platforms support dynamic loading...
+# For the case of "$openbsd_distribution", the hints file
+# needs to know whether we are using dynamic loading so that
+# it can set the libperl name appropriately.
+# Allow command line overrides.
 ARCH=`arch|sed 's/^OpenBSD.//'`
 case "${ARCH}-${osvers}" in
-	usedl=$undef
+	test -z "$usedl" && usedl=$undef
-	usedl=$define
-	d_dlopen=$define
-	d_dlerror=$define
+	test -z "$usedl" && usedl=$define
 	# we use -fPIC here because -fpic is *NOT* enough for some of the
 	# extensions like Tk on some OpenBSD platforms (ie: sparc)
 	cccdlflags="-DPIC -fPIC $cccdlflags"

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