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Is anyone gonna fix it in the next releases (or it's just killingme :(

Sherzod Ruzmetov
August 5, 2001 22:33
Is anyone gonna fix it in the next releases (or it's just killingme :(
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If the following message doesn't belong here, please tell me where I could
post similiar "bug fixes". I have quite a few :-)

It's not that easy to find a person you love and willing to do anything
for you... Of course, you'd pay with the same value too. Still, it's not
easy as you agree.
Seeking that "special one" is such a cumbersome process, that sometimes
might end up ironically. How about ending up in the mental house!? Well,
that's not quite ironic... but not original intention either. And the ones
who find their stars are entitled to consider themselves the happiest.

I haven't realized until yesterday that someone I met about 7 months ago
was indeed that special one that I had been looking for ages. I still
recall those sweet memories of mine... It was after 3 days I ordered my
first Perl book from, "CGI Programming 101". That was my first
introduction to her, to Perl.

After the book Perl became my hobby. Whenever I had time I enjoyed her
company. As we got to know each other better... the closer we got. Then I
bought Programming Perl, which opened my eyes to see what she is like in
reality. The book showed me all the
sensitive spots on her body... taught me how to treat her better. As the
result she started treating me the same way... made me feel so much better
that I can't find words to express my gratitude to Perl. The book also
taught me the point of using:

use strict;
use warnings;

to prevent me from tedious debugging process in the later stages. Then I
got addicted to her, she got addicted to me... not a single night I can
recall that we spent without each other.

She does everything I ask her to, assuming I do it right and politely
(which is always true). The book also taught me to wrap my request inside
eval{} blocks when I'm not sure if she'll accept it and catch exceptions
the fly without failing the process. The following was my first proposal

use strict;
use warning;
eval {
	require You;
	require Me;
} or warn $@;

It means "I can't live without you. You and Me should be the one soul
residing in a single body."

She accepted it. Since then, she never said "no". She always made me

Gave me hope when I was hopeless;
Hold me tight in her arms when I was depressed and told me "it's ok";
Supported me the days when I was broke... without a cent in checking;

You might ask if I did anything special to her. I did everything she ever
asked me to:

She wanted independence - and I made classes out of modules and gave her
objects she wanted so much (thanks to "Object Oriented Perl" by Damian

She wanted persistency - I learnt how to encapsulate the properties into
methods and gave her persistency;

She wanted flexibility - made those methods more polymorphic and gave her
flexiblity she longed for.

There is still something missing in her... But what is it? I don't know?

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