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Distributive -> and indirect slices

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David M. Lloyd
March 16, 2001 13:20
Distributive -> and indirect slices
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I have an idea that I'm going to try to put into my Perl, but I want some
'professional' opinions on it first.

The first thing I'd like to do, is make the -> operator 'distributive' for
all cases of it (that I can think of anyways).


    # Call $x->foo(); and $y->foo(); instead of
    # current, less-useful $y->foo();
    ($x, $y)->foo();

    # Call foo() for all @bar instead of
    # current 'Can't call method ... without a package or object
    # reference'

    # Call both functions with args
    ($coderef1, $coderef2)->('Param1', 2);

    # Return (1, 3) in list context as lvalues
    ([1, 2], [3, 4])->[0];

    # Return (1234, 5432) (hash derefs) in list context as lvalues
    ({'key' => 1234}, {'key' => 5432})->{'key'};

This would be different from the standard -> notation in that the left
side of the value is a list or array, instead of a scalar.  This
distinction makes it possible to allow the -> notation to create indirect


because I can say (hopefully), "If the left side is a list, then the index
is also a list".  This logic would allow things like this:

    ($structure)->[1,3,7]->{'key1', 'key2'}; # Returns 6 things

Or this, to get really nuts:

    # foo() is called in list context...
    @structure->[2,0,3,1]->{'keyA', 'keyB', 'keyC'}->foo();

which calls 12 foo()s for each thing in @structure, in this order:


and returns the return values of foo() as one big long list.

Or this, to use a simple slice on a reference:

    ($arrayref)->[0..15]; # The () gives me list context

Without changing the behaviour of this:

    # Still returns boring old $arrayref->[0]

or this:

    # Still returns boring old $arrayref->[15]

I was looking at perly.y and I was kind of thinking that I would need to
change the various 'term ARROW ...' rules to do some sort of check on the
left-hand side.

Is this worth investigating?  Is there any chance that such behaviour
would ever be integrated into Perl 5?  What about Perl 6?

Thanks for any feedback!

- D


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