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[PATCH: perl@8585] pod problems in io

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Peter Prymmer
January 29, 2001 16:43
[PATCH: perl@8585] pod problems in io
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Sorry if someone else caught this one.  On `make install` one

perliol.pod:215: Unknown command paragraph "=over4"
Unmatched =back at ../pod/pod2man line 48

plus another problem with a non-enclosed B<> sequence in perlapio.pod that
is no longer in my xterm's scroll back buffer.

The following patch renders perlapio.pod podchecker -warnings -warnings
clean and leaves only the following mystery warning (about L<> sequence?)
in perliol.pod:

$ podchecker -warnings -warnings perliol.pod
*** WARNING: multiple occurence of link target 'The' at line - in file perliol.pod
perliol.pod pod syntax OK.

and I am not up to figuring out the line number bug in podchecker at this
time :-)

Here is the patch:

diff -ru perl.8585.orig/pod/perlapio.pod perl.8585/pod/perlapio.pod
--- perl.8585.orig/pod/perlapio.pod	Mon Jan 29 15:55:50 2001
+++ perl.8585/pod/perlapio.pod	Mon Jan 29 15:55:38 2001
@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@
 be lower than the limit on the number of open files - C<errno> may
 not be when C<NULL> is returned if this limnit is exceeded.
-=item B<PerlIO_reopen(path,mode,f)
+=item B<PerlIO_reopen(path,mode,f)>
 While this currently exists in all three implementations perl itself
 does not use it. I<As perl does not use it, it is not well tested.>
@@ -389,7 +389,7 @@
 Obscure - set count of bytes in the buffer. Deprecated.
 Only usable if PerlIO_canset_cnt() returns true.
-Currently used in only doio.c to force count < -1 to -1.
+Currently used in only doio.c to force count less than -1 to -1.
 Perhaps should be PerlIO_set_empty or similar.
 This call may actually do nothing if "count" is deduced from pointer
 and a "limit".
@@ -433,9 +433,9 @@
 =over 8
-=item '<' read
+=item 'E<lt>' read
-=item '>' write
+=item 'E<gt>' write
 =item '+' read/write
@@ -467,7 +467,6 @@
 PerlIO_debug writes to the file named by $ENV{'PERLIO_DEBUG'} typical use
 might be
   Bourne shells:
    PERLIO_DEBUG=/dev/tty ./perl somescript some args
diff -ru perl.8585.orig/pod/perliol.pod perl.8585/pod/perliol.pod
--- perl.8585.orig/pod/perliol.pod	Mon Jan 29 15:56:18 2001
+++ perl.8585/pod/perliol.pod	Mon Jan 29 15:55:27 2001
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@
 of "layers".
 It should be noted that because of the double indirection in a PerlIO *,
-a &(perlio->next) "is" a PerlIO *, and so to some degree at least
+a &(perlio-E<gt>next) "is" a PerlIO *, and so to some degree at least
 one layer can use the "standard" API on the next layer down.
 A "layer" is composed of two parts:
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@
 the mode string passed to PerlIO_open() and state bits for typical buffer
+=over 4
@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@
-Layer is performing Win32-like "\n" => CR,LF for output and CR,LF => "\n" for
+Layer is performing Win32-like "\n" mapped to CR,LF for output and CR,LF to "\n" for
 input. Normally the provided "crlf" layer is only layer than need bother about
 this. PerlIO_binmode() will mess with this flag rather than add/remove layers
 if the PERLIO_K_CANCRLF bit is set for the layers class.
End of Patch.

Peter Prymmer

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