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[PATCH 1.14] (was Re: Unifying 'skip' and 'todo' test output)

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Michael G Schwern
January 17, 2001 22:16
[PATCH 1.14] (was Re: Unifying 'skip' and 'todo' test output)
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On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 06:37:33PM -1000, Tim Jenness wrote:
> On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Michael G Schwern wrote:
> This looks okay. One thing that has always surprised me with is
> that it expects you to put the "skip" into the reason.
>  i.e.   skip($reason)
> expects $reason to start with "skip" (it adds the "#") even though you
> are using the "skip" function. I was going to patch this to add "skip"
> (and now "todo") but I'll wait until your patch unless you beat me to it.

That's tangental to the issue, and up to Joshua.  And it probably can't
be fixed without breaking backwards compatibility...

	# Currently works, but if "fixed" it will produce
	# '# skip skip lunch break'
	skip("skip lunch break");

However, you could always add a little logic to skip to help that...

---	2001/01/18 01:27:22	1.1
+++	2001/01/18 06:06:42
@@ -122,8 +122,11 @@
 sub skip ($$;$$) {
     my $whyskip = to_value(shift);
     if ($whyskip) {
+        $whyskip =~ s/^skip//i;  # backwards compatibility, old versions
+                                 # required the reason to start with 
+                                 # 'skip'
 	$whyskip = 'skip' if $whyskip =~ m/^\d+$/;
-	print $TESTOUT "ok $ntest # $whyskip\n";
+	print $TESTOUT "ok $ntest # skip $whyskip\n";
 	++ $ntest;
     } else {

This also necesitates a change to t/skip.t

--- t/skip.t    2001/01/18 06:11:52     1.1
+++ t/skip.t    2001/01/18 06:12:09
@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@
 END { close F; unlink "skips" }
-ok 1 # skip
+ok 1 # skip skip
-ok 2 # hop
+ok 2 # skip hop
-ok 3 # jump
+ok 3 # skip jump

The fact that this patch blows a regression test worries me.  Does
skip() have any valid utility if its first argument doesn't begin with
'skip'?  Is skip('hop') useful (before the patch)?

> The problem is exacerbated by the documentation that doesn't
> explain this - you should be able to use without having to
> understand how Test::Harness recognizes failures/skips/todo

Yes, the documentation for skip() (and ok()) is very unclear and never
explicitly documented.  The third argument to ok() is never really
explained at all!  I'm going to hold on patching this up until Joshua
gets a say in.

PS I'm going to be tidying up my personal testing code and releasing
it shortly.  Its nothing fabulous, but I'm getting tired of cutting
and pasting my ok() routines into my test scripts.

Michael G. Schwern   <>
You see, in this world there's two kinds of people.  Those with loaded
 guns, and those who dig.  Dig.
                 -- Blonde, "The Good, The Bad And The Ugly"

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