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[PATCH bleadperl] Excise unresponsive prologue from FAQ IDE answer

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Dominic Dunlop
January 7, 2001 13:30
[PATCH bleadperl] Excise unresponsive prologue from FAQ IDE answer
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At 18:08 -0600 2000-12-20, Jarkko Hietaniemi wrote, in connection
with a florid descriptions of an IDE proposed for perlfaq3:
>Seriously: I'll buy the description but to be neutral I'll drop the "great"
>(I tried to consistently drop such epithets from the other products, too).

In that spirit, may I propose the following patch to drop the florid
(and not really responsive) prologue to the list of IDEs and related

--- perl@8342/pod/perlfaq3.pod~	Thu Dec 21 00:26:06 2000
+++ perl@8342/pod/perlfaq3.pod	Sun Jan  7 22:09:06 2001
@@ -157,31 +157,6 @@
 =head2 Is there an IDE or Windows Perl Editor?
-If you're on Unix, you already have an IDE--Unix itself.  This powerful
-IDE derives from its interoperability, flexibility, and configurability.
-If you really want to get a feel for Unix-qua-IDE, the best thing to do
-is to find some high-powered programmer whose native language is Unix.
-Find someone who has been at this for many years, and just sit back
-and watch them at work.  They have created their own IDE, one that
-suits their own tastes and aptitudes.  Quietly observe them edit files,
-move them around, compile them, debug them, test them, etc.  The entire
-development *is* integrated, like a top-of-the-line German sports car:
-functional, powerful, and elegant.  You will be absolutely astonished
-at the speed and ease exhibited by the native speaker of Unix in his
-home territory.  The art and skill of a virtuoso can only be seen to be
-believed.  That is the path to mastery--all these cobbled little IDEs
-are expensive toys designed to sell a flashy demo using cheap tricks,
-and being optimized for immediate but shallow understanding rather than
-enduring use, are but a dim palimpsest of real tools.
-In short, you just have to learn the toolbox.  However, if you're not
-on Unix, then your vendor probably didn't bother to provide you with
-a proper toolbox on the so-called complete system that you forked out
-your hard-earned cash for.
-If you're transferring Windows text files to Unix using FTP be sure to
-transfer them in ASCII mode so the ends of lines are appropriately mangled.
 PerlBuilder ( is an integrated
 development environment for Windows that supports Perl development.
 Komodo, ActiveState's cross-platform, multi-language IDE has Perl
Dominic Dunlop

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