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Math::BigInt rewrite

Marc Lehmann
November 21, 2000 05:57
Math::BigInt rewrite
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I forward this because Tels has problems posting to perl5-porters (just
like me, but I'll try my luck anyway):

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Helo all,

I am currently rewriting Math::BigInt. While I am at this, I also developed
two modules, that depend on Math::BigInt, Math::String and Math::Roman (I
seem to be infected with a bad case of Perligate *drool* *pant*).

My work-in-progress can be found at

The new Math::BigInt is subclassable, subsequently faster, fixes some
bugs and has some more features (and probably new bugs ;o).

Most of the work is done but some things remain still to do:

Math::BigInt - bug in mul or div (2**150 is wrong), this effects also band,
bxor etc.
Math::String - no regression tests yet, bug with multiply charsets (maybe I
drop these)
Math::Roman - practically done.

Wether I rewrite Math::BigFloat to use M::I (or rewrite it at all), or vice
versa I do not know. I think Math::BigInt could be much faster when the
numbers are stored as normalited float arrays. I have no experiencs with
floatingpoint math, though.

Now I had that wierd idea about Math::Egypt. The egypts used a similiar
system like the Romans and had 7 symbols representing 1,10,100 etc. I
thought up some chars for the different symbols to represent them in ASCII:

I 1             Stroke
H 10            Hobble (for cattle)
C 100           Rope coil (could use @ for coolness)
L 1000          Lotus
F 10000         Finger
T 100000        Tadpole
G 1000000       God

So, 1999 would be "LCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIII". Rather longish, though.

The Egypts used to stack the symbols, but this can not be done in one line.
HTML tables, anyone? ;)

Well, this seems to do the trick. Btw, the nice thing is that
Math::Roman would be already able to deal with Egypt, because you can
simple redefine the token list. Perhaps I should name it Math::Ancient? 

Any comments, hints, suggestions etc are welcome.

Thanx for listening, and all your astounding work.



PS: pod2html -- version is missing (I use Perl 5.6.0), man pod2html says to
look in Pod::Html for known-bug-list, but this does not contain any. My
problem is that "foo()" gets to the equivalent of C<foo()>, but
"Math::Roman::bstr()" not. Also "(baz(), bar(), foo())" gets only foo() to
C<> and you seem not be able to effect this. If this is not already
fixed, please ask me for a patch.



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