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HP-UX libc patch announcement (long)

H . Merijn Brand
September 25, 2000 01:33
HP-UX libc patch announcement (long)
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As I receive these announcements automatically, this one might be very
interesting for people using threaded perl on HP-UX 11.00 or use perl with it's
own malloc (Jarkko?)

I've shortened it quite a bit, because it also notes old bug fixes.

Patch Name: PHCO_22076

Patch Description: s700_800 11.00 libc cumulative patch

Creation Date: 00/08/17

Post Date:  00/09/19

Hardware Platforms - OS Releases:
	s700: 11.00
	s800: 11.00

Products: N/A


Automatic Reboot?: No

Status: General Release

	No (superseded patches were critical)

Category Tags:
	defect_repair general_release critical corruption

Path Name: /hp-ux_patches/s700_800/11.X/PHCO_22076

	The default resolver configurable timeout is large
	(5 Seconds). VUE may take a long  time to come up when
	the  system  is not connected to network.
	JAGaa27175; SR 5003424531

	Fork fails for threaded applications when an older
	pthread library (11.00 LR) is installed on the system.
	JAGac40398; SR 8606125006

	Threaded programs using third-party mallocs abort.
	JAGac40401; SR 8606125009

	Unsupported mixed dependencies on both archive and
	shared libc fail.
	JAGac40402; SR 8606125010

	Sporadic valloc failure in threaded applications.
	JAGac40711; SR 8606125320

	Multi-threaded applications that create threads
	sequentially encounter excessive process memory growth
	and malloc() failure even when the process heap has
	plenty of free memory.
	JAGac40903; SR 8606125513

	This is a SP patch version of PHCO_20765.

	system() is slow in multi-threaded applications,
	possibly leading to unusable systems due to swapping
	activity if called from large 64bit processes.

	sigaction() called from a signal handler in a multi-
	threaded application can result in hangs.

	In applications using large malloc, malloc can return
	an invalid quad 2 "buffer" that overlays the stack,
	resulting in stack corruption.

	Excessive static data for arenas and arena mutexes.

	Inadequate statistics reporting to meet partner needs.

	dirname(3c) causes application death (bus error) due
	to segmentation violation.

	Multithreaded programs deadlocks if they invoke
	popen(3C) and fork(2) in different threads.
	JAGab77826; SR 8606107568

	regcmp(3C) call might fail on 64-bit on if the regular
	expression is huge.
	JAGab71463; SR 8606104124

	VxFS ACL fails with large UID's/GID's (>=0x80000).
	Once the file has one such entry in its ACL list, any
	subsequent acl operations return "Invalid Argument"

	[ aldan:/mnt ] (90) touch TEST
	[ aldan:/mnt ] (91) setacl -m user:12345678:r-- TEST
	[ aldan:/mnt ] (92) getacl TEST
	acl failed for file "TEST", Invalid argument
	JAGab76091 JAGab76238; SR 8606106738

	Core dump may occur when domain-name is not found in
	the search list specified.

	A large number of threaded applications invoking
	getXXbyYY calls on a MT system and running simultaneously
	may hang, when the file table overflows.

	rpc calls invoking dns backend will not function
	properly with the new dns backend library libnss_dns.1.
	As a result applications using rpc like CDE and NFS will
	not function properly .

	The host address type in the returned hostent structure
	was not being set to correct value when IP address was
	being passed to gethostbyname call.

	TZ env var (STD#DST,date1,date2) ignores DST if date1
	greater than date2
	JAGab75719; SR 8606106516

	Under some offset, destination string lengths, and counts
	beyond the terminating null in the source string strncat
	can move fewer than the required number of bytes.

	This is an SP patch version of PHCO_20555.

	strptime()/mktime() dumps core  for the years
	beyond 2038 when compiled with -z(do not bind
	anything to address zero) option.
	JAGab72590; SR 8606104837

	1. ctype(3C) routines are too slow and the macros
	have too many instructions because they contain
	function calls.
	2. The performance of singlebyte applications using
	the ctype routines needlessly degrades in multibyte
	3. strcasecmp(3C) and strncasecmp(3C) are too slow
	compared to other vendors because they rely on
	_tolower(3C) which is a macro mapped to a function
	JAGaa43050 JAGaa05164

	mktime() does not seem to adjust for change in TZ
	JAGaa44810; SR 5003444117

	strptime(3C) returned NULL when processing the date
	string generated by the command "date +%x" for locales
	zh_TW.ccdc and zh_TW.big5.
	JAGaa08262 JAGaa47278

	When calling strncmp with one valid string pointer,
	a null pointer and a length of zero strncmp will return
	the first charater or the negative of the first
	character of the valid string instead of an expected zero.
	SR 5003463463

	If the comparison character for memchr is a negative
	integer memchr will not find the match.

	Strrstr(s1, s2) sometimes claims that a match is found
	when actually there is no match. Consider an example.
	s0 = "ABCDEFG";
	s1 = s0;
	s1 ++; /* s1 points to "BCDEFG" */
	s2 = "ABCDEFG".
	Now strrstr(s1, s2) returns "ABCDEFG", which means
	that a match is found.  It should have returned NULL.

	When attempting to assemble using a 9.X assembler the
	assembler complains about unknown syntax.

	64-bit regexec(3C) returns with large positive numbers
	assigned to pmatch[i].rm_eo, and may cause applications

	An internationalized application leaks memory at every
	setlocale() call to change its locale environment.

	An internationalized application which frequently calls
	setlocale() to change its locale environment encounters
	a serious performance problem.

	A multi-threaded internationalized application fails
	in setlocale() for the restore operation using the buffer
	returned by the previous call to setlocale().

	memcmp() could return an incorrect result if the third
	parameter to memcmp was a negative value.

	VxVM pathnames not recognized by blocktochar()
	JAGab69351; SR 8606103064

	Linking with can produce a slower running
	application than linking with libc.a.
	JAGab15584 JAGab16669

	strtod("NaN",ptr) on HPUX 11.0 returns a ptr past the '\0'
	JAGaa05185; SR 4701389726

	glob(3C) cannot handle more than one trailing
	'/' in a path string.
	JAGaa94846; SR 1653297432

	strxfrm does not work correctly for positional
	forward and backward single as well as multi
	byte locales.

	The getcwd() API is slow and accesses remote
	filesystems unnecessarily when there is a mount
	point on the path to the current directory.
	JAGaa01123, JAGaa40237

	The contents of the struct utmp is NULL when end
	of file /etc/utmp is reached, but the struct utmp
	should contain the last utmp entry.

	NaN and Infinity were printed incorrectly in case of
	long double.

	Poor multithreaded malloc performance, primarily
	caused by mutex contention and mutex locking overhead.
	Incorrect malloc statistics. Inadequate statistics
	reporting capability.  64-bit multiarena malloc aborts
	when user specifies _M_ARENA_OPTS.
	JAGaa40240, JAGaa01969, JAGab19981, JAGab16523, JAGab43915
	JAGaa26400, JAGab43837, JAGab53676, JAGab19980


And lots more ...

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