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podlators 1.03 released

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Russ Allbery
September 3, 2000 02:32
podlators 1.03 released
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has entered CPAN as

  file: $CPAN/authors/id/R/RR/RRA/podlators-1.03.tar.gz
  size: 39849 bytes
   md5: 08b71cdc0e6639ff4f878e27ef2b9f07

Request entered by: RRA (Russ Allbery)
Request entered on: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 09:29:01 GMT
Request completed:  Sun, 03 Sep 2000 09:29:57 GMT

The default quote characters are now '' instead of `' for C<> blocks in
both Pod::Man and Pod::Text.  Changes from previous release:

2000-09-03  Russ Allbery  <>

	* VERSION: podlators 1.03 released.

	* scripts/pod2man.PL: Added a new --quotes option.
	* scripts/pod2text.PL: Likewise.

	* lib/Pod/ Changed the preamble to allow configurable quote
	characters around C<> text.
	(initialize): Parse the new quotes option to set the configurable
	quote characters.
	(begin_pod): Substitute the quote characters into the preamble.
	Make a new copy of the preamble for each file so that the
	fixed-width font and the quote characters may change between
	different Pod::Man objects and different files.

	* lib/Pod/ (initialize): Added support for a quotes option
	to specify what quotes to use around C<> text.
	(seq_c): Use the configurable quote characters.

	* lib/Pod/ (command): Check using can() before calling cmd_
	handlers and report a nice error when encountering an unknown
	paragraph command.
	* lib/Pod/ (command): Likewise.

2000-09-02  Russ Allbery  <>

	* lib/Pod/ Add sol and verbar to the escapes.
	* lib/Pod/ Likewise.

	* lib/Pod/ (pod2text): When given two arguments, was
	incorrectly assigning to $_[0], causing other strange problems.

	* lib/Pod/ (cmd_item): Fix the regex for stripping bullets
	from index entries so that it doesn't strip a leading 'o'.

2000-04-30  Russ Allbery  <>

	* lib/Pod/ In the prelude, terminate the .IX definition
	with .. instead of ".    ." for groff.

Russ Allbery (             <>

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