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Gurusamy Sarathy
March 21, 2000 03:47
beep R beep C beep 3
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Here lies the third and final release candidate:

And yes, the patch is against 5.5.670, but this here summary is against RC2.

  Bug fixes:
     + open($fh[0],...) autovivifies properly
     + closures inherit attributes correctly
     + "\N{...}" used without "use charnames ..." produces better diagnostic
     + "\N{...}" enables utf8-ness of string correctly
     + return values from match in a list context, as well as $& et al
       propagate utf8-ness (Graham Barr)
     + sort optimizer doesn't hang inside loops anymore
     + CHECK and INIT blocks encountered at run time provoke warnings
     + msgrcv(), shmread() and the shell and passwd fields of getpw*()
       all taint (Jarkko Hietaniemi)
     + memory leak in fork() emulation fixed
     + queued errors show up correctly after after the "too many errors"
     + parenthetic warnings look more consistent; diagnostic on
       "use 5.6" et al mentions the alternate form
     + newSVuv() is now part of the API (Jarkko Hietaniemi)
     + attributes::reftype() consistently croaks on non-refs
     + attributes::reftype(*FOO{IO}) returns "IO" instead of "UNKNOWN"
       (Tom Christiansen)
     + no more coredumps on more than one call to perl_construct() (Doug
     + wrong type for syswrite() length argument fixed
     + $File::Find::name now correctly tracks top level files (Simon Cozens)
     + (and recognize emptyness in arrays
       (Matthias Urlichs)
     + Pod::Man correctly strips leading lib/ for module manpages (Russ
     + User::pwent fixups for new fields (Tom Christiansen);
     + Getopt::Long updated to v2.23 (Johan Vromans)
     + syntax errors in Thread::* gone (Tom Christiansen)
     + PodParser updated to v1.13 (Brad Appleton)
     + Fcntl supports obscure dosish O_ constants (Jarkko Hietaniemi)
     + Configure doesn't use /tmp anymore (Andy Dougherty)
     + Configure man3dir bug fixed (Andy Dougherty)
     + FreeBSD hints are v5.* aware (Anton Berezin)
     + unused TryEnterCriticalSection() code gone, helps people still
       stuck with the Windows of 1995
     + C<use vmsish 'hushed'> supported (Charles Lane)
     + PowerMAX hints fixups (Tom Horsley)
     + various VMS fixups (Charles Bailey and Dan Sugalski)
     + perlbug now asks for category and severity for bugtron (Richard Foley)
     + debugger defaults warnLevel and dieLevel to 0 (Tom Christiansen)
     + fixes for alias handling in debugger (Tom Christiansen)
     + xsubpp recognizes single-line declarations; switches to
       disable newfangled features available (Ilya Zakharevich)
     + noTTY debugger option works again (Paul Marquess)
     + pod{man,text} updated from podlators-1.00 (Russ Allbery)
     + perldelta now has a "Known Problems" section
     + various little nits corrected

It may be missing a few pod adjustments here and there, but everything
else in there has been pushed around as much as it can take.  I've built
a large number of modules from CPAN with this on Linux, Solaris and
Windows.  I daresay it all seems good enough to peddle on the streets.

     The dragon rolled over.  `Look!' he said.  `What do you say to that?'

    `Dazzlingly marvellous!  Perfect!  Flawless!  Staggering!' exclaimed
     Bilbo aloud, but what he thought inside was: `Old fool!  Why there
     is a large patch in the hollow of his left breast as bare as a snail
     out of its shell!'
                                     --Inside Information, The Hobbit,
				       J R R Tolkien

So tell me what you think. :-)


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