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RE: [ID 20000315.003] perl5.6-RC1 not OK - modules complain.

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Moore, Paul
March 16, 2000 02:06
RE: [ID 20000315.003] perl5.6-RC1 not OK - modules complain.
Message ID:
From: Gurusamy Sarathy []
> Just for the record, ActiveState has built a large number of 
> extensions from CPAN on Solaris, Linux and Windows.  The
> Windows builds have needed fixups for a couple of modules
> that used undocumented internals (like DBI)
> to pass the extra context parameter, but all the rest of
> them build and test with zero changes.

FWIW, here's a (partial) build report on stuff I did last night (RC2, Win32,
MSVC, core build -- I hope to do a fork-emulation build soon).

Some points - "patch available" here means that I managed to patch it. I've
not necessarily passed the patch back to the maintainer(s) yet. Many of the
test failures have been around for ages - the "new" ones (as far as I
recall) are Bit-Vector, Filter, Math-Fraction, ParseLex and String-Approx.
Also, there are definitely a quite few modules which still need POLLUTE=1.

The nasties are

1. DBI and DBD-Oracle - although there are patches
   so hopefully a new release will fix these.
2. Tk - I only hit this last night - Tk800.018 built
   with patches, so hopefully this will get sorted soon.
3. Archive-Tar - this seems unrelated to the core, so it's
   not a release issue.

Also, last thing last night, mod_perl failed to build (link errors on
_Perl_cv_undef and _Perl_cv_const_sv) but I haven't had any time to check
this yet.

I have to agree with whoever it was who commented that releasing 5.6.0 with
key modules on CPAN not building in the latest version, would be a problem.
At the very least, the release notes for the core should explicitly note
that there are build issues with things like DBI-1.13, expected to be fixed
in the next release. Preferably including an "unofficial" patch in the Perl
release, if Tim can't get a new DBI release out soon enough (Not meaning to
pick on Tim, thye same applies to other "big" modules). Perlbug messages
along the lines of "perl 5.6 broke DBI" wouldn't be nice...

Just my 2p worth,

Module Build Report for Perl 5.6.0-RC2 (core build)

    Y: succeeded
    P: needs POLLUTE=1
    T: test failures (believed to be benign)
    ?: test failures (status unknown)
    U: use of uninitialised value warning
    FP: failed - patch available
    F: failed - no patch available

Module                  Version         Notes
----------------------- -------         -----
Compress-Zlib           1.08            Y
DB_File                 1.72            Y
libwin32                0.151           Y
    APIFile                             P, ? (tests 46,48,50)
    NetResource                         ? (tests 5,6)
    ODBC                                T (note 1)
    PerfLib                             ? (tests 3)
    Shortcut                            ? (note 2)
    Sound                               P
Mime-Base64             2.11            Y
URI                     1.05            ? (old-base.t 4-8)
Tk                      800.019         F (note 3)
Net-Daemon              0.29            U (t\forkm.t line 18)
Storable                0.6.7           P
PlRPC                   0.2012          Y
DBI                     1.13            FP
DBD-Oracle              1.03            FP, T (note 4)
Bit-ShiftReg            2.0             Y
Bit-Vector              5.7             P, T (note 5)
Archive-Tar             0.21            F (note 6)
DBD-ODBC                0.27            Y
Curses                  1.02            P
Data-Locations          5.2             Y
libnet                  1.0702          P
XML-Parser              2.27            FP (note 7)
Digest-MD5              2.09            Y
HTML-Parser             3.05            Y
libwww-perl             5.47            Y
GD                      1.25            Y
Algorithm-Diff          0.59            Y
Sample                  1.3             Y
Shuffle                 1.4             Y
TransitiveClosure       1.4             Y
Heap                    0.01            Y
Graph                   0.201           Y
IO-stringy              1.207           Y
IO-Zlib                 0.02            Y
MIME-Lite               1.135           Y
MailTools               1.13            Y
MIME-tools              4.124           Y
FreezeThaw              0.3             Y
MLDBM                   2.00            T (note 8)
Alias                   2.32            Y
Array-PrintCols         2.1             Y
Array-Lookup            2.1             T (note 9)
Date-Calc               4.3             Y
DateManip               5.37            T
Filter                  1.17            ? (line termination???)
Time-HiRes              01.20           Y
Scalar-List-Utils       1.00            T (odd msg from taint test)
Set-IntRange            5.0             Y
Text-CSV_XS             0.20            Y
Text-Filter             1.7             Y
Text-Format             0.52            Y
Win32-DDE               0.02            Y
Win32API                0.011           Y
Devel-Symdump           2.00            T (extra modules in test 6)
Math-Fraction           v.53b           ? (note 10)
Math-Random             0.61            P, T (test 2, rounding error)
Parse-RecDescent        1.77            Y
ParseLex                2.15            ? (test 4)
SQL-Statement           0.1016          Y (note 11)
DBD-CSV                 0.1022          Y (note 12)
Tie-DBI                 0.85            Y
Tie-Dir                 1.02            Y
Tie-Watch               1.0             Y
String-Approx           3.09            ? (t\aslice tests 4-6)
String-CRC              1.0             Y
Text-Balanced           1.76            Y
MIDI-Perl               0.74            Y
Data-Flow               0.05            Y
Make                    1.00            Y


1. The database file required for the tests is missing
2. The tests fail to resolve a shortcut. Reason unknown.
3. It seems that the panic() function clashes with Perl's. Check...
4. There is an error in the tests: on cleanup, cannot call FETCH on an
   undefined value in Win32::TieRegistry
5. The tests check message texts, which have changed.
6. Suspected to be caused by changes in Compress::Zlib, not perl.
7. The generated Expat\Makefile defines O_FILES with the .obj files
   in subdirectories. Visual C puts them in the current dir. Fix is
   to remove directories from the files in O_FILES.
8. Test 1 fails as Dat::Dumper is now better at detecting numbers vs strings
9. Differences due to change in hash keys order.
10. Test failures - due to precision issues?
11. tests 50eval and 60hash say "main::ArrEq() called too early to check
12. tests 10dsnlist, dbdadmin use defined(@array)

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