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this close to v5.6.0

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Gurusamy Sarathy
March 14, 2000 17:50
this close to v5.6.0
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Another release candidate coming through:

That patch is against 5.5.670, and the following summary includes all the
changes since 5.5.670.

 * Bug fixes

   + fix needless integer->float conversions on 64-bit platforms
     (Matthias Urlichs and Jarkko Hietaniemi)
   + fixed spurious utf8 warnings when using UNIVERSAL::isa() etc.
   + fixed obscure bug in eval { return ... } that could coredump
   + fixed eval { return ... } to reset $@ correctly
   + assignment optimization could clobber quotemeta argument
   + disallow CORE::Snark (Larry Wall)
   + fix optimizer bug in /^(?p{"a"})b/ (Ilya Zakharevich)
   + UNIVERSAL::isa() and UNIVERSAL::can() fail for magic values
   + demand-load in swash routines, C<use utf8> isn't needed
     in most cases
   + do FILE should not see outside lexicals (Rick Delaney)
   + added missing locks for op refcounts under useithreads
   + goto out of loopish block may fail (Doug Lankshear)
   + avoid coredump on C<printf "%vd">
   + fix a bug whereby variables might lose their importedness
   + fixes for most warnings identified by gcc -Wall
   + integers in the IV_MAX to UV_MAX range are correctly parsed as UVs
     instead of being always promoted to NVs
   + avoid warnings from shmread() when given undefined variable
     (Tom Christiansen)
   + support for list assignment to pseudohashes (John Tobey)
   + /[[:alpha]/ now dies on unmatched [] instead of
     "an unknown character class" (Jarkko Hietaniemi)

 * Newness

   + support binmode(F,":crlf") and use open IN => ":raw", OUT => ":crlf"
     semantics; the pragma sets defaults for both open() and qx//;
     currently only has any effect on dosish platforms
   + -T filetest algorithm recognizes utf8 as "text" (Larry Wall)
   + prototype change for open() for eventually supporting
     C<open F, "-|", 'cat', '-v'>

 * Modules

   + lexical warnings updates for modules, docs and tests (Paul Marquess)
   + Sys::Syslog fix for accidental arguments to autoloaded constants
     (Tom Hughes)
   + Getopt::Long allows alternates to negate correctly (Johan Vromans)
   + more efficient Text::Abbrev (M.E. O'Neill)
   + fixed reference miscount in Devel::Peek that causes debugger to
     crash unceremoniously when doing "V DB" etc., repeatedly
   + updates from PodParser v1.12 on CPAN (Brad Appleton)
   + File::Spec updates (Barrie Slaymaker, Charles Bailey and others)
   + fix File::DosGlob for patterns with drive names like c:*.bat
     (Jason Mathews)
   + make Data::Dumper::Dump() call the XSUB implementation transparently
     (David Boyce)
   + stringification more customizable in Math::Complex (Jarkko Hietaniemi)
   + support :void in Fatal to enable croaking only in void context
     (Simon Cozens)
   + omit XSLoader from bytecode dumps
   + add missing HTML escapes to Pod::Text for display in xterm
     (Tim Jenness)
   + get ByteLoader working again
   + fix incorrect prototypes in File::Glob
   + Pod::Man bugfixes (Russ Allbery)
   + File::Path::rmtree() wasn't deleting stale symlinks correctly
   + support for autovivified handles in IPC::Open* (Tom Christiansen)
   + Avoid wiping out @dl_{librefs,modules} when XSLoader
     falls back to DynaLoader (Doug MacEachern)
   + Getopt-Long v2.21 update (Johan Vromans)
   + added Term::ANSIColor (Russ Allbery)
   + blank line warnings from Pod::Parser are now optional
     (Brad Appleton)
   + most pragmas that set $^H or %^H make their bits available in
     package globals (eliminates hardcoded numbers)
   + Pod::Html fixups for nicer links to functions (Wolfgang Laun)
   + /dev/console may not be writable in (Ask Bjoern Hansen)
   + File::Spec bugs (Hack Kampbjorn)
   + is less picky about names (M J T Guy)
   + Test::Harness uses $ENV{HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES} when running perl
   + protect most modules against unsafe multiline matches (Greg Bacon)
   + supports arrays (Gregor N. Purdy)
   + avoid DProf entering dl_unload_file() (Alan Burlison)
   + fix minor compatibility issues with File::Find::finddepth() (Helmut

 * Ports

   + Solaris long double fixes (Alan Burlison)
   + tweaks for lynxos build (Ed Mooring)
   + better 64-bit build on VMS (Dan Sugalski)
   + VOS fixups (Paul Green)
   + on Windows, provide an explicit base address for perl56.dll to avoid
     relocations; increase the default stack size (helps RE engine)
     default to using the regular version of the MSVCRT even for DEBUGGING
     builds, allowing extensions to be selectively built with DEBUGGING
   + HP-UX 64-bitness cures (Jeff Okamoto and Jarkko Hietaniemi)
   + OS/2 patches for dlclose() support (Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes)
   + cygwin update (Eric Fifer)
   + other minor fixups for clean builds on various platforms

 * Configuration
   + buggy fflush(NULL) now detected by Configure, skips autoflushing on
     fork(); this appears to be a problem only on Solaris and HP-UX
     (Ulrich Pfeifer and Jarkko Hietaniemi)
   + make nokfile to write nok report (Andy Dougherty)
   + vendorlib/vendorarch supported (no MakeMaker support yet)

 * Utilities

   + patches for many bugs in the debugger; documentation updates for
     perldelta; split perldebug.pod into perldeb{ug,guts}.pod
     (Tom Christiansen)
   + security fixes for perldoc, support a -U option when run as root
     to drop privileges (Tom Christiansen)
   + avoid infinite loop in h2xs (Hugo van der Sanden)
   + provide support in debugger for deleting actions (Ronald J Kimball)
   + shore up pod2latex shortcomings (Robin Barker)
   + installperl wasn't putting extensions with two or more
     nested package names in the archlib
   + xsubpp support for generation of accessor functions (Hugo van der

 * Documentation

   + fixes for broken L<> links (Wolfgang Laun)
   + better {local,gm}time documentation (Mark-Jason Dominus)
   + better perlunicode notes
   + updated perldelta and many other pods for currency

Whew, that's a long list.  All of a sudden, it seems there are patches
flying in from everywhere.

    `Fourteen!  That's the first time I've heard one from ten leave
    fourteen.  You mean nine, or else you haven't told me yet all the
    names of your party.'

    `Well, of course you haven't seen Oin and Gloin yet.  And, bless
    me! here the are.  I hope you will forgive them for bothering

    `O let 'em all come!  Hurry up!  Come along you two, and sit down!
    But look here, Gandalf, even now we have only got yourself and
    ten dwarves and the hobbit that was lost.  That only makes eleven
    (plus one mislaid) and not fourteen, unless wizards count differently
    than other people.'

                        --Queer Lodgings, The Hobbit, J R R Tolkien

If this release candidate builds and passes tests on most platforms,
I will be calling it v5.6.0 for good.  Please give it a fair shakedown
and get cracking with those ok reports.

The repository is being closely watched round-the-clock by big burly
individuals.  All patches that are not geared towards addressing specific
showstopper problems in the release candidate will be summarily denied
entry.  You have been warned. :-)

Thanks for your help in making it happen,


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