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[ID 20000307.002] Symbol table doesn't contain typeglob (was: mysendmail ...)

M.J.T. Guy
March 7, 2000 04:25
[ID 20000307.002] Symbol table doesn't contain typeglob (was: mysendmail ...)
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[ This is a reply to Jeff's message on p5p.   I'm sending it via to get a bugid.                                   ]

Jeff Pinyan <> wrote
> my sendmail isn't agreeing with perlbug, so...

Do you mean "disagreeing with the perlbug program" or "disagreeing with" ?    You can always mail reports directly to in order to get a bugid, perhaps preparing them using
the -F option of perlbug (the program).

> It's a bit puzzling to me, since I've been told from #perl-folk that it   
> prints *main::bar (not -1) in 5.004.

Both examples print "*main::bar" in all versions of Perl up to 5.004_05.
They print "-1" and "$@" in all versions from 5.005 onwards.

Ilya says this is a deliberate change.   But it causes the following
from perlmod to be incorrect:

     The value in each entry of the hash is what you are
     referring to when you use the *name typeglob notation.  In
     fact, the following have the same effect, though the first
     is more efficient because it does the symbol table lookups
     at compile time:

         local *main::foo    = *main::bar;
         local $main::{foo}  = $main::{bar};

And I can find no relevant entry in either perl5.005delta or perldelta.

So someething needs fixing, even if it's only the documentation.

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