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ANNOUNCE: Released Log-Agent-Rotate-0.1.0

Raphael Manfredi
March 6, 2000 01:01
ANNOUNCE: Released Log-Agent-Rotate-0.1.0
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I have released version 0.1 of the Log::Agent::Rotate module, which is
an extension for the Log::Agent framework that allows configuration
of rotating policies for the logfiles, the rotation being performed by
the application itself when the need arises.

The Log::Agent framework provides a common interface for all the reusable
modules to perform their logging activities, without comitting for
the underlying implementation of the log itself.

Appended is the README file for the module.


                        Log::Agent::Rotate 0.1
                 Copyright (c) 2000, Raphael Manfredi

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the Artistic License, a copy of which can be
    found with perl.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    Artistic License for more details.

       *** This is alpha software -- use at your own risks ***

Name           DSLI  Description                                  Info
-----------    ----  -------------------------------------------- -----
Log::Agent     ----  A general logging framework                  RAM
::Rotate       adpr  Logfile rotation config parameters           RAM
::Rotate       adpr  A logfile which may be rotated               RAM

The Log::Agent::Rotate module is an extension of Log::Agent that brings
file-rotating features to the File logging driver.

It is separated from Log::Agent itself because it has dependencies
on LockFile::Simple and Compress::Zlib that Log::Agent cannot have:
everyone with a plain stock Perl distribution must be able to simply
install Log::Agent and start using it.

This is NOT a generic all-purpose logfile rotation package.  It is meant
to be used only within the Log::Agent framework.


	use Log::Agent;
	require Log::Agent::Driver::File;
	require Log::Agent::Rotate;

	(my $me = $0) =~ s|.*/(.*)|$1|;

	my $rotate = Log::Agent::Rotate->make(
		-backlog       => 7,		# keep last seven logs + current
		-unzipped      => 2,		# don't compress last archived 2 logs
		-is_alone      => 1,		# programmer says only ONE process will run
		-max_size      => 100_000,  # file will rotate when bigger than 100K

	my $driver = Log::Agent::Driver::File->make(
		-prefix     => $me,
		-showpid    => 1,
		-rotate     => $rotate,		# default rotation policy
		-channels   => {
			'error'    => '/tmp/output.err',
			'output'   => ['log.out', $rotate],	# could have special policy
			'debug'    => '../appli.debug',
	logconfig(-driver => $driver, -level => 'notice');


Log::Agent::Rotate lets you specify the logfile rotation policy that will
be used on the logfiles managed via a Log::Agent::Driver::File driver.

It can be useful for daemon process to periodically rotate the logfiles
whilst keeping some fair amount of backlog.  But it can also be used by
programs that run a short period of time and generate systematic logging,
that would end-up eating all the diskspace if not monitored.

Please read the Log::Agent::Rotate(3) manpage and the related pages for more

-- Raphael Manfredi <> Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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