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perl -MO status

Tom Christiansen
March 27, 2000 19:48
perl -MO status
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I'm going through 5.6's perlcompile and trying all the examples,
and many/most of them always/often have serious/fatal difficulties
ranging from incorrect/spurious output to completely blowing up.

Does this stuff have an owner?

1)  With Deparse, virtually anything nontrivial gets me

    Can't call method "sibling" on an undefined value at lib/B/ line 257.
    CHECK failed--call queue aborted.

2) Before Deprase dies, you often get a lot of these:

    Exiting subroutine via next at /opt/perl/ lin
    e 257.
    Exiting subroutine via next at /opt/perl/ lin
    e 257.

3) From Lint you can get this:

    Undefined value assigned to typeglob at lib/B/ line 291.

4)   And with Xref, this simple thing:

    sub start {
       my($self, $tag, $attr, $attrseq, $orig) = @_;
       if ($tag eq 'a' && exists $attr->{href}) {
	   if ($attr->{href} =~ s/\Q$from/$to/g) {
	       # must reconstruct the start tag based on $tag and $attr.
	       # wish we instead were told the extent of the 'href' value
	       # in $orig.
	       my $tmp = "<$tag";
	       for (@$attrseq) {
		   my $encoded = encode_entities($attr->{$_});
		   $tmp .= qq( $_="$encoded ");
	       $tmp .= ">";

Produces this with Xref:

    Package (lexical)
      $attr             i2, 3
      $attrseq          i2, 9
      $encoded          i10, 11
      $orig             i2, &18, 18
      $self             i2, 14, 18
      $tag              i2, 3, 8
      $tmp              i8, &14, 11, 13, 14
      %$attr            3, 4
      %%$attr           4, 10
      %%%$attr          10
      @$attrseq         9

This %%%%% business is getting out of hand.

That's as far as I've gotten.  You already got a few perlcc bug
reports, too.

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