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party time

Gurusamy Sarathy
March 23, 2000 09:06
party time
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		The dragon is withered,
		His bones are now crumbled;
		His armour is shivered,
		His splendour is humbled!
		Though sword shall be rusted,
		And throne and crown perish
		With strength that men trusted
		And wealth that they cherish,
		Here grass is still growing,
		And leaves are a yet swinging,
		The white water flowing,
		And elves are yet singing
		    Come! Tra-la-la-lally!
		    Come back to the valley.

                       --The Last Stage, The Hobbit,
			 J R R Tolkien

If you don't see 5.6.0 on CPAN yet, grab it from here:

The patch is against 5.005 and huge, so it may be somewhat pointless to
pull it down, unless you're a Perl archealogist. :-)

The changes since RC3 have been minor:

    +  save RE context when calling __WARN__ and __DIE__ hooks;
       add missing stack-of-stacks logic for new code that came
       in with lexical warnings (fixes coredumps from -Mdiagnostics
       when the warnings happens to come from within the RE engine)
    +  unloading of extension shared objects is now a build option
       ("Configure -Accflags=-DDL_UNLOAD_ALL_AT_EXIT" to enable)
    +  fix misplaced OP refcount for eval root under useithreads
    +  avoid dl_error() redefinition warnings in IO::File when statically
    +  avoid File::Compare warning when passed handles (Nick Ing-Simmons)
    +  OpenBSD pthreadness fixes (Tom Christiansen)
    +  added README.machten (Dominic Dunlop)
    +  io/fs.t tweaks for Windows 2000
    +  revised perldelta
    +  pod updates (Tom Christiansen)
    +  avoid non-existent directories in inc_version_list (Robin Barker)
    +  h2xs fixups for recently added -a switch; support -k and -m
       switches (Hugo van der Sanden)

p5p went wild the last couple of months, in more ways than one.  And
I mean that in a positive way. :-) Consider this a personal note of
thanks to everyone who ever sent in a patch, bug report, or merely
words or encouragement.  We couldn't have done it without us.

I'll be sending out a draft of a general public announcement for comment
soon.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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