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Re: [PATCH 5.5.660] ExtUtils::DynaLoader dl_unload_file() patch

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Gurusamy Sarathy
February 29, 2000 12:37
Re: [PATCH 5.5.660] ExtUtils::DynaLoader dl_unload_file() patch
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[last attempt bounced, this is a resend]

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 17:43:41 GMT, Alan Burlison wrote:
>I've implemented this as follows:
>1.  Added a new XSUB to dl_dlopen.xs called dl_unload_file().  This
>takes a library handle as returned by dl_load_file() and closes it.
>2.  Added a new function to dlutils.c called dl_unload_all_files(). 
>This checks to see if the XSUB dl_unload_file() has been defined, and if
>it has it pops all the library handles from dl_librefs and calls
>dl_close_file() on each one.  This unloads the dynamically loaded
>libraries in the reverse order to which they were loaded.
>3.  Modified dl_generic_private_init() in dlutils.c to install
>Perl_call_atexit() handler that calls dl_unload_all_files() when the
>interpreter exits.
>4.  Documented the above in the appropriate places.
>5.  Incremented the version number of ExtUtils::DynaLoader to 1.04

Thanks.  I have a few questions.

>!     SV *sv = get_sv("DynaLoader::dl_debug", 0);
>--- 28,64 ----
>!     SV *sv = perl_get_sv("DynaLoader::dl_debug", 0);

Why was this needed?  (The preferred name is get_sv(), the long form of
which is Perl_get_sv(aTHX_ ...).)

>+     if ((sub = perl_get_cv("DynaLoader::dl_unload_file", FALSE)) != NULL) {
>+         dl_librefs = perl_get_av("DynaLoader::dl_librefs", FALSE);
>+         while ((dl_libref = av_pop(dl_librefs)) != &PL_sv_undef) {
>+            dSP;
>+            ENTER;
>+            SAVETMPS;
>+            PUSHMARK(SP);
>+            XPUSHs(sv_2mortal(dl_libref));
>+            PUTBACK;
>+            perl_call_sv(sub, G_DISCARD);
>+            FREETMPS;
>+            LEAVE;

I'd s/perl_// those, purely as a matter of style.

And dl_unload_all_files() calling into Perl again via an XSUB instead of
calling a C function directly seems suboptimal.  Perhaps the list of
dlopen()ed files should be maintained in the C code, so that you won't
have to depend on the Perl symbol table being around.

>  #endif
>+     Perl_call_atexit(&dl_unload_all_files, (void*)0);
>  }

s/Perl_// here, or it won't work with multiplicity/usethreads builds.

There was some doubt in my mind whether call_atexit() would do the job
properly.  What happens if the dll has allocated SVs?  The call_atexit()
callbacks are called after objects are destroyed but *before* the SV
arenas are deallocated.  Do you foresee any problems from that?


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