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[PATCH 5.5.660]VMS Test::Harness fixup

Dan Sugalski
February 29, 2000 09:17
[PATCH 5.5.660]VMS Test::Harness fixup
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VMS' 255-byte limit on %ENV entries messes up Test::Harness' setting
of PERL5LIB, which blows module testing right out of the water. The
following patch removes any @INC entry that has perl_root in it, which
shrinks PERL5LIB down small enough to be OK.

(perl_root, FWIW, is the root of the perl tree on VMS--presumably anything
in there will be automatically in @INC in the child, so we can safely toss

--- lib/Test/;1	Sat Feb 26 05:57:12 2000
+++ lib/Test/	Tue Feb 29 12:09:31 2000
@@ -64,9 +64,14 @@
     # pass -I flags to children
     my $old5lib = $ENV{PERL5LIB};
-    local($ENV{'PERL5LIB'}) = join($Config{path_sep}, @INC);
-    if ($^O eq 'VMS') { $switches =~ s/-(\S*[A-Z]\S*)/"-$1"/g }
+    # VMS has a 255-byte limit on the length of %ENV entries, so
+    # toss the ones that involve perl_root, the install location
+    # for VMS
+    local($ENV{'PERL5LIB'}) = join($Config{path_sep}, grep {!/perl_root/i;} @INC) if $^O eq 'VMS';
+    local($ENV{'PERL5LIB'}) = join($Config{path_sep}, @INC) unless $^O eq 'VMS';
+    if ($^O eq 'VMS') { $switches =~ s/-(\S*[A-Z]\S*)/"-$1"/g;}
     my @dir_files = globdir $files_in_dir if defined $files_in_dir;
     my $t_start = new Benchmark; Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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