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File::Spec 0.8 package [on CPAN]?

Barrie Slaymaker
February 29, 2000 05:08
File::Spec 0.8 package [on CPAN]?
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Just back from vacation: sorry for the delay.

Steven Knight wrote, in part:
> Barrie--
> Do you know of any plans to make a separate File-Spec-0.8 package
> available on CPAN?

Kenneth Albanowski was doing that, and I think he more or less 
stepped down as maintainer of File::Spec a while ago, and I see 
very few posts from him any more, so I assume he's off on other 

There should be a File::Spec on CPAN, as you point out.  Kenneth's
been doing that thus far.  I'll post one soon.  I'd rather wait until
5.6 is out, to catch any changes that occur first (it's still officially
beta code).  If you need it more urgently, let me know and I'll put it
up with a -beta in the name or something.

There was some discussion on perl5-porters about handling this issue
a while ago, but I can't find the thread in the archives.  If any 
p5pers have words of wisdom on this...

I didn't test the new routines under 5.004, but there's now (recently)
a fairly comprehensive test suite for it, t/lib/filespec.t .  You
should see if it runs Ok under 5.004, if you haven't already.

> We're using some of the new methods that are only available in 0.8
> (catpath, splitdir, splitpath) to add multi-volume support to Cons
> (a Perl-based software build utility with a growing user community).

Great! That's why I added them.  They're new-ish, so please double
check your results.  In fact, if you have any test cases you'd
like to see added to t/lib/filespec.t, send 'em on in.  Tests are

Also: do you have any feedback on them before 5.6 goes out the door?

> I'd be happy to do the work of making a package from the 0.8 .pm files.
> I'd be glad to do the CPAN upload, too, but I didn't want to do so
> without checking around first--and it would probably better come from
> someone who's actually done some work on the module, anyway...

I don't mind doing it.

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