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[ID 20000221.005] NFS to WinNT kills Configure

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February 21, 2000 19:02
[ID 20000221.005] NFS to WinNT kills Configure
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I have a WinNT (4.0) disk mounted on my Solaris (2.7) workstation,
using Intergraph's "DiskShare" tool.

I got perl5.005_03 from CPAN, unpacked it using Solaris gzip & tar,
and ran "sh Configure"... it seems to finish normally, with NO ERRORS,
but "make" with no args fails:

% make
make: Fatal error: No arguments to build

The problem, it turns out, is case sensitivity in filenames.
It's not REALLY necessary to have files which differ ONLY
in the case of their first character, is it?

As you probably know, WinNT preserves case of filenames but
if the exact case isn't found it tries any old case for a
match. Finds one! Makefile vs. makefile.

Any chance you could remove case-only differences in file names
to protect those of us unfortunate to have NT disks on the network?

Here's the directory after "Configure" runs in a directory
that is physically on a WinNT disk:

% ls
Artistic      config.h         globals.c       perlvars.h       scope.h
Changes          README.mpeix        gv.c             miniperlmain.c   perly.c          sv.c
Changes5.000     README.os2       config_h.SH      gv.h             mint             perly.fixer      sv.h
Changes5.001     README.os390     configpm         h2pl             mpeix            perly.h          t
Changes5.002     README.plan9    handy.h          mv-if-diff       perly.y          taint.c
Changes5.003     README.qnx       configure.gnu    hints            myconfig         perly_c.diff     thrdvar.h
Changes5.004     README.threads   cop.h            hv.c             nostdio.h        plan9            thread.h
Configure        README.vms       cv.h             hv.h             objXSUB.h        pod              thread.sym
Copying          README.vos       cygwin32         installhtml      objpp.h          pp.c             toke.c
EXTERN.h         README.win32     deb.c            installman       op.c             pp.h             universal.c
INSTALL          Todo             djgpp            installperl      op.h             pp_ctl.c         unixish.h
INTERN.h         Todo-5.005       doio.c           intrpvar.h       opcode.h         pp_hot.c         util.c
MANIFEST         XSUB.h           doop.c           iperlsys.h        pp_proto.h       util.h
Makefile.SH      XSlock.h         dosish.h         keywords.h       os2              pp_sys.c         utils        apollo           dump.c       patchlevel.h     proto.h          vms
Policy_sh.SH     av.c             ebcdic.c         lib              perl.c           qnx              vos
Porting          av.h             eg               makeaperl        perl.exp         regcomp.c        win32
README           beos             emacs            makeaperl.SH     perl.h           regcomp.h        writemain
README.amiga     bytecode.h       embed.h          makedepend       perl_exp.SH       writemain.SH
README.apollo         makedepend.SH    perlio.c         regcomp.sym      x2p
README.beos      byterun.c        embedvar.h       makedir          perlio.h         regexec.c
README.cygwin32  byterun.h        ext              makedir.SH       perlio.sym       regexp.h
README.dos       cc_runtime.h     fakethr.h        malloc.c         perlsdio.h       regnodes.h
README.hpux      cflags           form.h           mg.c             perlsfio.h       run.c
README.hurd      cflags.SH        global.sym       mg.h             perlsh           scope.c

Here's the same directory after "Configure" runs in /tmp:

% ls
Artistic         README.hurd      cflags.SH        global.sym       malloc.c         perlmain.c       regexp.h
Changes      config.h         globals.c        mg.c             perlsdio.h       regnodes.h
Changes5.000     README.mpeix        gv.c             mg.h             perlsfio.h       run.c
Changes5.001     README.os2       config_h.SH      gv.h          perlsh           scope.c
Changes5.002     README.os390     configpm         h2pl             miniperlmain.c   perlvars.h       scope.h
Changes5.003     README.plan9    handy.h          mint             perly.c          sv.c
Changes5.004     README.qnx       configure.gnu    hints            mpeix            perly.fixer      sv.h
Configure        README.threads   cop.h            hv.c             mv-if-diff       perly.h          t
Copying          README.vms       cv.h             hv.h             myconfig         perly.y          taint.c
EXTERN.h         README.vos       cygwin32         installhtml      nostdio.h        perly_c.diff     thrdvar.h
INSTALL          README.win32     deb.c            installman       objXSUB.h        plan9            thread.h
INTERN.h         Todo             djgpp            installperl      objpp.h          pod              thread.sym
MANIFEST         Todo-5.005       doio.c           intrpvar.h       op.c             pp.c             toke.c
Makefile         XSUB.h           doop.c           iperlsys.h       op.h             pp.h             universal.c
Makefile.SH      XSlock.h         dosish.h         keywords.h       opcode.h         pp_ctl.c         unixish.h        apollo           dump.c         pp_hot.c         util.c
Policy_sh.SH     av.c             ebcdic.c         lib              os2              pp_proto.h       util.h
Porting          av.h             eg               makeaperl        patchlevel.h     pp_sys.c         utils
README           beos             emacs            makeaperl.SH     perl.c           proto.h          vms
README.amiga     bytecode.h       embed.h          makedepend       perl.exp         qnx              vos
README.apollo         makedepend.SH    perl.h           regcomp.c        win32
README.beos      byterun.c        embedvar.h       makedir          perl_exp.SH      regcomp.h        writemain
README.cygwin32  byterun.h        ext              makedir.SH       perlio.c       writemain.SH
README.dos       cc_runtime.h     fakethr.h        makefile         perlio.h         regcomp.sym      x2p
README.hpux      cflags           form.h           makefile.old     perlio.sym       regexec.c

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