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Re: use octets; and "escaping the piranha's"

Mark Mielke
February 10, 2000 13:17
Re: use octets; and "escaping the piranha's"
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On Thu, Feb 10, 2000 at 01:42:58PM -0700, "Tom Christiansen" wrote:
> >The fact is, that is *not* perl. That is why we FINALLY got rid of the
> >"package'variable" convention for the more favourable package::variable
> >form. 
> Nope.  It's still there, but like your doddering old auntie,
> who has a strange accent and still talks about the Ægypians.  
> There are a few places it doesn't work, but those are the new places.
> Old code continues to function.

I spit on such code. It is disgusting.

> >It was _wrong_. It was a decision made on cuteness, 
> You're mistaken.  It was a decision made on precedent; see Ada.

Oh? And the choice to use Ada syntax was which? And the choice of
Ada to use that syntax was from where exactly?

> >The fact that every technical manual I have ever read chooses not to
> >call them bytes, and chooses the term "octet" had BETTER mean something
> >to a technical community. It _must_ be accepted.
> You're shouting.  I suspect that means you're wrong.

Your logical powers are astounding... :-) I am shouting, therefore I
am wrong... wow... it is all clear to me now... :-)

>                                                       Whether this
> is the case, I can see that you're far from conversant with 
> the technical manual nearest and dearest:
> ... blah blah blah ...
> Oh good.  Now we have 782 to 1.  Can you say "overwhelmingly
> more prevalent"?  Very good, Mark!  I knew you could do it.

Ever considered that byte is a word as well?

Sometimes the ambiguity is desired. Other times it isn't.

But then again, you should know this.


P.S. Funny how it's ok for you to be "slandelous" but not me... nono...
     Don't stop... I find it quite amusing... :-)

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