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Re: validity of viewpoints [was Re: should "use byte" be "use bytes"?]

Elaine -HFB- Ashton
February 10, 2000 11:51
Re: validity of viewpoints [was Re: should "use byte" be "use bytes"?]
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Chip Turner [] quoth:
*>Autarch <> writes:
*>> This is so insane.
*>> This is the most hostile mailing list I've ever been on.  I am
*>> extremely hesitant to write this because I suspect that someone is
*>> going to have a fit at me.  I swear that if I didn't know better I
*>> would suspect that this list was largely populated by 13-17 year old
*>> boys.  In fact, it strongly reminds me of my BBS'ing days back in
*>> high school.

You will find this sort of behaviour all over our fine Perl community.
Take a gander at comp.lang.perl.misc these days and it will exceed your
wildest expectations in a new low of human interaction. This is not,
however, to say that there isn't lots of good people and good things as
well but simply that the loud and obnoxious are more noticeable and most

Also, I may point out that age isn't merely chronological and there are
some days where an emotional age of 17 here is being quite generous.

*>Perhaps such an atmosphere grows from a lot of people having been here
*>for a long time and have become comfortable with each other, but as
*>someone who isn't in this clique it can be quite intimidating.

They say that children in abusive families learn that dysfunction is
'normal' and thus measure everything accordingly throughout life. This
list is abusive at times and if people have become comfortable then they
are enabling those who abuse. Every time I step away from the Perl
community I find it amazing that there are civil disagreements elsewhere
on a regular basis. 

*>Some of us stick with it and don't give up, but I'm certain there are
*>people who have not contributed publicly here out of intimidation.

It's like standing on the edge of the Amazon River contemplating the odds
of being able to get to the other side without being devoured by the

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