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Re: validity of viewpoints [was Re: should "use byte" be "use bytes"?]

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Tom Christiansen
February 10, 2000 10:32
Re: validity of viewpoints [was Re: should "use byte" be "use bytes"?]
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Dear Ron,

I don't anything important to do, and I know you don't either,
so let's just take this nice slowly, one at a time.

It is a deception to remove the context from the quotes.
Why are you trying to deceive people?

>    And just what have *you* done for _58 lately?

Gosh, I don't see what you are complaining about there, Ron.
Was there a point you had to make?  Are you trying to imply
that I'm not doing anything to help the release along?  I'll
fight that charge when you level.  As it is, you need to
make yourself clearer.

>    Are you really that stupid, Ilya, or is it just time for your periodic
>    month of invective?

Please supply context.  There are plenty of times that Ilya *is*
being thick-headed.  

>    If there are any short piers in your area, please take a long walk.

Have you always been that humor-deprived?

>    If you invested as much energy in fixing instead of bitching, you'd put
>    yourself out of the job of bitching.  Or do you really enjoy that job
>    overmuch?

Very nice.  Whom was that addressing?  What was the topic?  
Don't you think it pretty dastardly there?

>    Do you also subscribe to women's rights mailing lists and bombast them
>    with mysogynist tirades?

Yup, and here's another one.  Do you have any idea what that was
about?  Well, tell us about it, Ron.  We have nothing better to do.
Do you think that it's fair to subject the list to this kind of
thing without bringing with it the surrounding issue?  I'm quite
certainly that was completely legitimate.

>    I note that the two recent confusions come from Michael Schwerne, whose
>    self-selected IRC nick was historically "Stupid".

Michael Schwerne chose for himself the nick "Stupid".  Do you
know why he did that?  Why do you think he engages in self-deprecation?
I'm sure he has other clever personal reasons for it, and I bet you
could think of some clever ones if you bothered to think, but 
the simple reason is not the insult you think it is.  

Michael is obviously not stupid.  However, he is the first person
to come forward and admit that he's always misunderstanding things.
That's why he chose "stupid" as his handle.  By portraying himself
as "stupid", he get people to expect less of him.  Also, his lot
in life to be constantly making mistakes and then realizing the
error, he is also constantly learning.  I happen to suspect that
he makes no more than the same mistakes that 90% of the populace
tends to make.  

>    The existence of crippled, short-sighted, primitive, comsumerist
>    crapware systems should not stop those of us who actually have decent
>    systems designed by programmers and for programmers from getting our
>    jobs done.

>    I can't help it if you, your neighbor, or your dog is not sufficiently
>    skilled at running a professional system as so to give that decrepit
>    system a proper name.  That's a personal problem that you'll have to
>    work out on your own.

Those are on the money.  I make no excuse for them, and I stand by
them.  We aren't going to strip perl down to so small a greatest
common factor that it becomes useless to those of us with a simple
clue.  Perl's strengths have never lain in pretending that the
operating system doesn't exist.  And just because your great-grandmother
can't figure out how to run a computer is not Perl's fault.

>I hope that all p5p participants will make a concious effort to exclude
>inappropriate content from their posts.

Your arrogant hypocrisy waxes unbridled.  


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