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Re: Get a real programming language

Tom Christiansen
November 19, 1999 09:01
Re: Get a real programming language
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>On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 08:24:29PM -0700, Tom Christiansen wrote:
>> Perl is a programming language.  Finis.

>Says the same guy who claims that calling shell has no significant
>speed penalty, hash access is only 20% slower than lexicals, etc etc etc.

So what's this, a strawman combined with argument ad hominem?

You have boldly declared that Perl is not a programming language,
thereby needlessly and baselessly insulting virtually everyone who works
on perl or in Perl.  Why did you do this?  What do you hope to gain?
What point are you really trying to make?  Is there something that we
can do to address whatever problem you're imagining exists, or are you
simply firing destructive missiles because it makes you feel good to
put Perl down like this?

You have also claimed that Perl's documentation is "peppered with wishful
thinking, known errors, unreadable sections, political propaganda and
whatnot - if we forget about omissions."  Not only is this insulting in
the extreme to anyone who has worked on Perl, it is also ludicroulsy
hypocritical coming from you, considering it is you yourself who so
often exacerbate the situation of crappy or missing documentation.
That you then summon up the breathtaking chutzpah to complain about the
very mess that you yourself have made is nothing short of amazing.

Again, what's the underlying purpose here?  Are you intentially *trying*
to alienate people, or is this an accident?  Is this some overly subtle
ploy to get people to clean things up?  Where are *your* patches, Ilya, or
even suggestions about the matter?  What do you propose be done about it?

What's the path forward?

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