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Re: [ID 19991116.002] perl5.005_02: my_setenv() and Term::ReadLine::Gnu

Joerg Schumacher
November 17, 1999 16:08
Re: [ID 19991116.002] perl5.005_02: my_setenv() and Term::ReadLine::Gnu
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> > No, the scenario is as follows:
> > 
> >    1) perl_parse() saves the pointer to the environment in PL_origenviron
> >    2) some extension interface (here Term::ReadLine::Gnu) is called
> >       and does modify the pointer to the environment via putenv(3)
> >    3) the perlscript tries to assign a new value to an environment
> >       variable and perl therefore calls my_setenv()
> >    4) my_setenv() does check if it needs to copy the environment but
> >       the check returns false since (environ != PL_origenviron)
> >    5) my_setenv() calls Safefree() and free()s some unallocated memory
> *What* it calls Safefree() on?  

Well, the appended perl-script-testcase had four lines of code, one of them is 

   $ENV{PATH} ="foo";

so the Safefree() has been called on environ[i] with i pointing PATH.  
The testcase dumps only core if LINES and COLUMNS aren't defined in the 
env before starting the script so that the putenv() called by 
set_lines_and_columns() in readline-4.0:shell.c has to call malloc() and  
therefore modifies the global var char **environ.

> How can it be that this is unallocated?

Since it has never been malloc()ed by perl due to the weak test in 

> Judging by what you wrote, you are running some old version of Perl,
> such as 5.005_03.  

This is the stable version, can't be that old?

> In 5.005_50 I can see that the only Safefree() is
> done on environ[i].  Due to documentation of putenv() I can see,
> environ[i] *should be* malloced.

But the free() is called with the pointer to a memory block which has
never been malloc()'ed by perl.  

> I think you need to concentrate on these questions.

free()ing some memory which has never been malloc()ed is asking
for trouble.  IMHO this is out of question.

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