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Re: [PATCH 5.005_62]Allow XS code to lock arbitrary scalars

Gurusamy Sarathy
November 16, 1999 08:36
Re: [PATCH 5.005_62]Allow XS code to lock arbitrary scalars
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On Tue, 16 Nov 1999 09:33:54 EST, Dan Sugalski wrote:
>The following patch provides a new macro, SvLOCK, which lets XS code snag a
>perl-level lock on an arbitrary SV *.

SvLOCK() seems like a bad name.  (Compare SvREADONLY() etc.)

>--- sv.h;1      Sat Sep 25 06:25:28 1999
>+++ sv.h        Mon Nov 15 12:27:56 1999
>@@ -696,3 +696,19 @@
> #define SvGROW(sv,len) (SvLEN(sv) < (len) ? sv_grow(sv,len) : SvPVX(sv))
> #define Sv_Grow sv_grow
>+#ifdef USE_THREADS
>+#  define SvLOCK(sv) STMT_START {                      \
>+        dSP;                                           \
>+        SAVETMPS;                                      \
>+        PUSHMARK(SP);                                  \
>+        XPUSHs(sv);                                    \
>+        PUTBACK;                                       \
>+        Perl_pp_lock(ARGS);                            \
>+        SPAGAIN;                                       \
>+        PUTBACK;                                       \
>+        FREETMPS;                                      \
>+    } STMT_END

I don't like this much either.  Simply make up sv_lock() and
sv_unlock() functions that don't use the stack instead and have
the internals call them.  Which means no macro is needed.

>+#  define SvLOCK(sv)

Must be set to NOOP.


All that said, every time I see people patching USE_THREADS code I
wonder if it's all going to be for nothing.  I don't see much hope
for salvaging the existing model of USE_THREADS where prolific
locking is needed.

5.005_63-tobe has a working perl_clone() now.  It is able to do
stuff like:

    status = perl_parse(my_perl, ...);
    if (status) {
        new_perl = perl_clone(my_perl, flags);

perl_clone() can also be called from within the runtime.  There's
a stub fork() implementation using that too.

All coming soon to a CPAN near you.

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