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Re: [packrats] Happy birthday, CPAN!

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Elaine -HFB- Ashton
October 25, 1999 19:11
Re: [packrats] Happy birthday, CPAN!
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Jan Dubois [] quoth:
*><> wrote:
*>I've included a few "milestone" postings for those not in possession of a
*>grepable packrats archive.

Thanks Jan. I'm planning to have the old and new lists with search
capabilites at some point.

*>That was August 25th, not September 25th (the c.l.p.a posting; the list
*>itself was from August 22nd).

Yes, you are correct. Thanks for catching that. :) I'll make that
correction on the timeline.

*>The first mention of CPAN I could find is:

Correct. Now, the interesting thing about CPAN and its development, me anyway, was that it was begun as a source archive, not as a
module library. Andreas is the one who had the vision for the modules
having a central repository which made complete sense as I'm sure it was
something of a chore for Tim to gather the data for the module list. I
noted Andreas suggesting this 'Master' module site to the packrats on the
18th of April.

CPAN and PAUSE are different, but symbiotic. 

*>Announcement of an *accessible* (for perl-packrats members) CPAN site:

Yes, and the names they tossed around for it is an entertaining read. :)

*>|Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 23:34:08 +0300
*>|From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
*>|About 387 MB of Perl stuff: source code for Perl itself and auxiliary
*>|stuff, scripts (LOTS of them), documentation, Perl for alien (non-UNIX)
*>|platforms, you name it.

Yes, and note the lack of modules :) Jarkko and Andreas haven't yet meshed
their ideas yet. 

I remember mailing Jarkko asking about the June to October gap and how
everything came together...I dug the following out of the coming timeline

"I asked Andreas about CPAN/PAUSE prehistory and he remembered a little
bit more and managed to rattle loose a few stuck dusty little gray cells
of mine:

        - I announce the CPAN "tire-kicking" on 1st August 1995
        - (I'm away for a month-long vacation)
        - while I'm away Andreas starts PAUSE, 15th of August
        - because I'm away no FUNET but Andreas gets temporary
          hosting help from deric Chauveau of Pasteur Instrititute
          (they later come one of the first CPAN sites)
        - I come back and start implementing the suggested changes
        - rather late in the process I start mirroring PAUSE,
          possibly because of some doubts about the directory structure
        - I announce CPAN 26th of Oct

-- Jarkko

As far as I can tell, there was no fanfare for PAUSE :) I think sometime
in August of 1995 will suffice unless Andreas remembers the exact moment [
GMT please ;) ].

The directory stucture debate was, indeed, an interesting point. I do
believe that the structure Andreas used is largely what we have come to

[ Jump in anytime guys if any of this isn't 100% true ]
*>The first "pause" I could find in the packrats archive is from Nick:

Oh, mr. dubois! Humour! :) ok,...i laughed :)

*>But I guess that doesn't count. :-)  It is first mentioned by Andreas:
*>|I'm tempted to call franz the PAUSE, the Perl Authors Upload SErver,
*>|indicating, that each author has deserved some break after having
*>|coded bravely for that many hours. Calling it UPLOAD server should
*>|also make clear, that franz is not a download server given its weak
*>|connection. Calling it _Authors_ server will encourage authors of
*>|non-modules to use it as the natural place for their work.
*>I couldn't find a *real* PAUSE announcement to the public though.

Indeed. I did note it on the timeline, but failed to call it PAUSE because
he is merely speculating at this point and not announcing to the world
that PAUSE is alive.

btw- Jan, I think you ought to get dick to do up some new bumperstickers..
"If you don't know CPAN, you don't know Jarkko" and "If you don't know
PAUSE, you don't know Andreas" I can't tell you how much attention my AS
bumpersticker with Dick on it has many people seem so
interested in Perl. :) I think CPAN and PAUSE could use similar attention.

Anyway, now that P5P is *soundly* asleep...Happy B-Day CPAN and thanks
again Jarkko and Andreas for making them and maintaining them for 4 years.


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