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Re: [packrats] Happy birthday, CPAN!

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October 25, 1999 17:23
Re: [packrats] Happy birthday, CPAN!
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On Mon, 25 Oct 1999 17:59:38 -0500, Elaine -HFB- Ashton
<> wrote:

I've included a few "milestone" postings for those not in possession of a
grepable packrats archive.

>Jarkko Hietaniemi [] quoth:
>*> > 
>*> > Hmmn - I thought it was Aug 20, not Oct 26 (or am I thinking of PAUSE)?
>*>August, yes, the first Module List where franz is mentioned came out
>*>the 25th of August 1995, but on which you base the 20th?
>This is precisely what I was getting at with the quote from postman and
>the article I posted yesterday. :) The internet as opposed to printed
>books, makes poor historical record. 
>However, the first list to mention CPAN [ Tim's module list] was a _full
>month earlier, on 25 September. So, somewhere between 1 August and 26

That was August 25th, not September 25th (the c.l.p.a posting; the list
itself was from August 22nd).

>October, word got around. If one wishes to dicker over 'official-ness', I
>used c.l.p.a. as a good rule of thumb since it is 'announcing' something
>in a public forum. 

The first mention of CPAN I could find is:

|Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1993 21:30:41 -0800
|Message-Id: <>
|Subject: CPAN archive
|Recently, I proposed to Stephen Potter that some effort be made in
|integrating some of the perl archive sites and creating the Perl equivalent
|of the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN), a collection of sites which
|maintain the same structure and same information in a well-organized,
|coordinated, documented way.  CTAN has been a tremendous boon to the TeX
|community and I think the Perl equivalent would be similarly useful to the
|Perl community.

But this was only idea stage.  Jarkko brought it back in 1995:

|From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
|Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 00:18:29 +0200
|Message-Id: <>
|Subject: CPAN idea still alive?
|How about the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network 1) being reincarnated?
|(well, never had one but the idea was there :-).  As I write I am

I would consider the following as the *first* announcement of a CPAN site,
although nobody besides Jarkko could access it yet. :-)

|From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
|Date: Sun, 19 Feb 1995 23:42:13 +0200
|Message-Id: <>
|Subject: The CPAN Lives - progress report #1
|	- fetched big tars from 17 sites 1)
|	- unpacked .{Z,gz,z}
|	- zapped stuff like gopher/web/mirroring metafiles, ls-LR
|	- reduced du(multi-)plicates with md5
|Next I'll go through the identically named files.  For example, I've got
|7 different scripts all called 'rename' (before the md5 reducing I had 13)...
|oh boy I'm gonna have fun :-)  When I've figured out what to do with these
|identical names I'll start shuffling things around, piecing the CPAN
|structure together.  At the moment we've got something like 476 MB
|and 7100 files.  One very dubious contributor is the funet (I confess...)
|Wafe mirror, 152 MB.  I guess Wafe shouldn't be part of the CPAN,
|it's more of a X thing...  The ufl c.l.p. archives account for 65 MB.
|After those out, we've got 259 MB.
|2) But maybe leave a pointer to the real Wafe sites?

Announcement of an *accessible* (for perl-packrats members) CPAN site:

|Date: Mon, 5 Jun 1995 23:34:08 +0300
|From: Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
|Message-Id: <>
|Subject: CPAN v0.000
|I finally found some time to shuffle the building blocks of CPAN together.
|(the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, patterned after the CTAN for TeX)
|The result is not pretty but hey, it is a start.
|About 387 MB of Perl stuff: source code for Perl itself and auxiliary
|stuff, scripts (LOTS of them), documentation, Perl for alien (non-UNIX)
|platforms, you name it.
|The whole tree is now at
|The '.priv'-stretch is unreadable to keep nosy eyes (how's that
|for a clumsy idiom) out.
|Also, we will need to set up the mirroring scheme, which one will
|be the CPAN hosts?  How should we integrate/merge the already-existing
|specialised Perl ftp sites like the DBperl/the refguide
|stuff, the FAQ and MetaFAQ, manitoba MSDOS perl, wafe sites?

>*>I would love to find a definite record of a PAUSE announcement,
>*>but off-hand I cannot, either from c.l.p.a or from (old) packrats
>*>archives...  Maybe there was no definite "opening day"?  The
>*>discussions on packrats about franz/PAUSE do happen near the
>*>20th, e.g. PAUSE is mentioned by Andreas for the first time
>*>the 16th.
>Yes, I remember trying to hunt down an 'announcement' for PAUSE but didn't
>find one and lost track of it. Perhaps I'll try that tonight. 

The first "pause" I could find in the packrats archive is from Nick:

|Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 13:33:54 GMT
|Message-Id: <9503131333.AA03902@pluto>
|Subject: Re: 5.001 - Tk status 


|Will now be a pause while I get working perl5.000n back to get users off
|my back...

But I guess that doesn't count. :-)  It is first mentioned by Andreas:

|Date: Mon, 16 Oct 1995 10:34:53 +0100
|Message-Id: <>
|From: Andreas Koenig <>
|Subject: Re: CPAN administrivia: incoming/


|I'm tempted to call franz the PAUSE, the Perl Authors Upload SErver,
|indicating, that each author has deserved some break after having
|coded bravely for that many hours. Calling it UPLOAD server should
|also make clear, that franz is not a download server given its weak
|connection. Calling it _Authors_ server will encourage authors of
|non-modules to use it as the natural place for their work.

I couldn't find a *real* PAUSE announcement to the public though.


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