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Tests of Storable fail - looking for advice 1 message Ludwig, Mark 02:44
[perl #133452] Reproducibility support 1 message perlbug-followup 02:44
[perl #133454] $$b in sort 2 messages Philip R Brenan , Dan Book 00:33
How to list up RT tickets 4 messages =?UTF-8?B?6ZmI5qKT56uL?=, Shlomi Fish 22:49
Script runs and ASCII digits 5 messages Karl Williamson, Abigail, John Imrie via perl5-porters 22:59
[perl #133384] Failure to build with -DNODEFAULT_SHAREKEYS 1 message via RT 15 Aug
Request for assistance: PL_top_env and JMPENV 3 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Dave Mitchell 15 Aug
Re: inline keyword? 1 message Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 15 Aug
Perl 5 Commit Summary 1 message Perl 5 commit summary 15 Aug
[perl #31028] perl -i fails on Win32 unless a backup string isprovided for -i option 1 message Tomasz Konojacki via RT 13 Aug
draft documentation patch submission regarding multiconcat semantics 2 messages Dave Mitchell, David Nicol 13 Aug
Perl5 Bug Summary 1 message Perl5 Bug Summary 13 Aug
Monthly release v5.29.2 1 message Chris 'BinGOs' Williams 13 Aug
DAVEM TPF grant#2 weekly report for weeks #217-#222 1 message Dave Mitchell 13 Aug
DAVEM TPF Grant#2 July 2018 report 2 messages Dave Mitchell, Sawyer X 14 Aug
Re: [perl #133352] Ancient Regex Regression 2 messages Deven T. Corzine 13 Aug
[perl #133292] Feature: builtin to apply double-quote interpolationto a scalar 1 message Tony Cook via RT 13 Aug
[perl #133442] [PATCH] win32: define HAS_BUILTIN_EXPECT on MinGW 2 messages Tomasz Konojacki , Tomasz Konojacki 13 Aug
[perl #133432] perlvar.pod incorrect link 3 messages Dan Book, James E Keenan via RT 12 Aug
say hello from newbie 2 messages Shlomi Fish, =?UTF-8?B?6ZmI5qKT56uL?= 12 Aug
[perl #133431] Potential bug in IO::Socket 9 messages =?UTF-8?B?zpLOu86sz4POt8+CIM6nzrHPhM62zrfPg8+EzrHPjc+Bzr/PhQ==?=, Shlomi Fish, Βλάσης Χατζησταύρου , Tony Cook via RT 12 Aug
[perl #133441] no assignment to "my" variable 2 messages Dave Mitchell, Wolf-Dietrich Moeller 11 Aug
no assignment to "my" variable 1 message =?us-ascii?Q?Wolf-Dietrich_Moeller_=28Munchen=29?= 11 Aug
Re: [perl #131715] Release of Storable on CPAN is very out of date;needs release to be in sync with blead 5 messages Sawyer X, Graham Knop via RT, Sawyer X via RT, Karen Etheridge via RT 11 Aug
[perl #133440] binaries mismatched again 16 messages frederik, Dave Mitchell, Leon Timmermans, Dan Book 10 Aug
RE: [perl #133301] Evalulation order during concat changed 9 messages Dave Mitchell, Eirik Berg Hanssen, =?us-ascii?Q?Wolf-Dietrich_Moeller_=28Munchen=29?=, =?utf-8?Q?Wolf-Dietrich_Moeller_=28M=C3=BCnchen=29?= 11 Aug
[perl #133439] Misleading output for calloc while -Dm in effect 1 message 10 Aug
Re: [perl #133295] GDBM_File tests fail with gdbm 1.15 3 messages Shlomi Fish, Frederico Recsky via RT, Sergey Poznyakoff via RT 11 Aug
env vars for slow tests 2 messages Dave Mitchell, H.Merijn Brand 10 Aug
Re: [perl #132964] Missing newSVsv_nomg macro variant 1 message pali 9 Aug
Re: [perl #132782] Missing SvPV* utf8/byte nomg macro variants 5 messages pali, perlbug-followup, Karl Williamson via RT 9 Aug
[perl #133345] #10 AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address0x604000000990 at pc 0x00000114d184 bp 0x7fffdb11d170 sp 0x7fffdb11d168 WRITEof size 1 at 0x604000000990 1 message Tony Cook via RT 9 Aug
[perl #133238] [FG-VD-18-095] Perl Memory Corruption VulnerabilityNotification 1 message Tony Cook via RT 9 Aug
[perl #133002] Fwd: [scr480305] Perl - 5.26.1 1 message Tony Cook via RT 9 Aug
[perl #133422] static assert is failing on windows in PerlIO 3 messages Karl Williamson via RT, Tony Cook via RT 9 Aug
[perl #133432] perlvar.pod incorrect link 1 message Dan Book 8 Aug
Re: Devel::PPPort with Visual Studio 2 messages Sawyer X, A. Sinan Unur 8 Aug
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 11 Aug
[perl #133429] dist/Time-HiRes/t/itimer.t: intermittent failures onLinux 7 messages James E Keenan via RT, Dave Mitchell, James E Keenan 7 Aug
Perl5 Bug Summary 1 message Perl5 Bug Summary 6 Aug
Re: RFC: Use ptrdiff_t instead of SSize_t 7 messages Tony Cook, Karl Williamson, Philip Prindeville, Tomasz Konojacki 4 Aug
[perl #133422] static assert is failing on windows in PerlIO 1 message karl williamson 3 Aug
[perl #133326] Storable's recursion check fires even inunproblematic cases 3 messages Tony Cook via RT, via RT 7 Aug
[perl #133377] lib/File/Copy.t fails mtime test in perl-5.28 builtwith quadmath 9 messages Karl Williamson, Dave Mitchell, sisyphus, via RT 3 Aug
Threaded bleads broken on HP-UX 11.31 by commit 7258295b51ee7 10 messages H.Merijn Brand, Karl Williamson, Philip Prindeville 4 Aug
[perl #133376] [PATCH] win32: sleep() warns and it doesn't reallysleep forever 1 message Tony Cook via RT 1 Aug
[perl #133417] Fix typos in 2 test files 6 messages sisyphus, Tony Cook via RT, James E Keenan via RT, via RT 2 Aug
[perl #133314] in-place editing in 5.28 quickly exhausts open filedescriptor limit 1 message Tony Cook via RT 1 Aug
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 4 Aug
[perl #41202] text->float conversion gives wrong answer 11 messages Karl Williamson, via RT, Dave Mitchell, Karl Williamson via RT 1 Aug
Re: Issues cross-building Perl for apm821xx (flavor of ppc 464fp) 7 messages Philip Prindeville, Tony Cook 2 Aug

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