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Perl 5.35.1 released 1 message Max Maischein 12:50
Prospective RFC-002 - Interpolate NVs to Decimal Strings Correctlyand Concisely 2 messages sisyphus, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 12:16
Not an OO RFC, take 2 2 messages Ovid via perl5-porters, Darren Duncan 06:19
idea: everything-slices 9 messages Ricardo Signes, mah.kitteh via perl5-porters, Philip R Brenan, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 12:26
(correction) Re: This is not an RFC to bring modern OO into the Perlcore 1 message mah.kitteh via perl5-porters 01:43
smartmatch and v5.36.0 3 messages Ricardo Signes, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 12:34
the variable-length lookbehind experiment 4 messages Ricardo Signes, Karl Williamson, hv 12:32
This is not an RFC to bring modern OO into the Perl core 6 messages Ovid via perl5-porters, mah.kitteh via perl5-porters, Darren Duncan, Chris Prather 01:41
(correction) Re: process RFC - POD for all RFC documentation 1 message mah.kitteh via perl5-porters 19 Jun
DAVEM TPF Grant#2 May 2021 report 1 message Dave Mitchell 18 Jun
process RFC - POD for all RFC documentation 9 messages mah.kitteh via perl5-porters, Nicholas Clark, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Neil Bowers 19 Jun
("process" comment) Re: RFC 0004 - defer {} syntax 1 message mah.kitteh via perl5-porters 17 Jun
RFC 0004 - defer {} syntax 43 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, David Nicol, Eirik Berg Hanssen, Ben Bullock 12:29
Bug reports from WinXP? 6 messages =?utf-8?Q?Wolf-Dietrich_Moeller_=28M=C3=BCnchen=29?=, =?us-ascii?Q?Wolf-Dietrich_Moeller_=28Munchen=29?=, Nicholas Clark, =?UTF-8?Q?Wolf-Dietrich_Moeller_=28M=C3=BCnchen=29?= 18 Jun
RFC - Issue a warning "-np better written as -p" 10 messages Nicholas Clark, Dan Book, Ricardo Signes, Yuki Kimoto 17 Jun
please use the RFC process instead of "feature reqest" PRs 4 messages Nicholas Clark, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Dan Book 16 Jun
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 19 Jun
More testing / dogfooding of `try` feature 3 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Yuki Kimoto 16 Jun
Re: deprecating non-default postderef_qq 8 messages Ricardo Signes, hv, Nicholas Clark, Leon Timmermans 15 Jun
CI fails from mingw64 2 messages Karl Williamson, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 15 Jun
RFC: formal perl-rfc mailing list for initial submission 5 messages mah.kitteh via perl5-porters, Dean Hamstead, Nicholas Clark 16 Jun
Re: "platforms" and "support" 26 messages Yuki Kimoto, Neil Bowers, Andy Dougherty, James E Keenan 19 Jun
PSC #024 2021-06-11 7 messages Tony Cook, Yuki Kimoto, Ricardo Signes, Neil Bowers 16 Jun
Please update pod/perldelta.pod for 5.35.1 1 message Max Maischein 13 Jun
RFC: define meta operator 7 messages =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?=, Yuki Kimoto, Nicholas Clark, Ricardo Signes 14 Jun
PSC #23 2021-06-04 minutes 2 messages Ricardo Signes, Yuki Kimoto 13 Jun
Re: undoing of auto-deref removal 16 messages L A Walsh, Ricardo Signes, Veesh Goldman, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 11 Jun
quadmath with 32 bit ints 9 messages sisyphus, Peter John Acklam, David Cantrell 15 Jun
use sort; 2 messages Dan Book, Nicholas Clark 9 Jun
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 12 Jun
RFC: Multiple-alias syntax for for 55 messages Nicholas Clark, Dan Book, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?= 15 Jun
Creating an RFC process for Perl 22 messages Nicholas Clark, sisyphus, Yuki Kimoto, =?UTF-8?Q?Branislav_Zahradn=C3=ADk?= 14 Jun
PSC #022 2021-05-28 minutes 1 message Nicholas Clark 7 Jun
Re: C99 22 messages Nicholas Clark, H.Merijn Brand, Yuki Kimoto, Tomasz Konojacki 13 Jun
MSVC/C99 2 messages Nicholas Clark, Tomasz Konojacki 7 Jun
Thank you for all your great work and the latest version 5.34.0 ! 2 messages Yuki Kimoto, jack 6 Jun
Re: Perl 5.34.0 is now available! 20 messages Yuki Kimoto, Kang-min Liu, Sawyer X, Neil Bowers 3 Jun
use warnings ':most' 24 messages Dan Book, Leon Timmermans, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, Ricardo Signes 7 Jun
Perl 5 Commit Summary 2 messages Perl 5 commit summary 5 Jun
Re: Namespaces (was Re: Revisiting trim) 10 messages demerphq, ilmari, Neil Bowers, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 29 May
Benchmarking Pure Perl Trim Functions. 53 messages demerphq, mah.kitteh via perl5-porters, =?UTF-8?Q?Andr=c3=a9_Warnier_=28tomcat/perl=29?=, Joseph Brenner 4 Jun
whitespace changes 3 messages mah.kitteh via perl5-porters, demerphq, hv 1 Jun
Re: opsig feature... 22 messages L A Walsh, Nicholas Clark, Neil Bowers, Paul "LeoNerd" Evans 1 Jun
Re: G_ARRAY should be called G_LIST 9 messages Paul "LeoNerd" Evans, James E Keenan, Yuki Kimoto, H.Merijn Brand 2 Jun
Re: status of smoke-me testing 8 messages Andrew Hewus Fresh, James E Keenan, Tony Cook, Robert 6 Jun
Re: use v5.36; use warnings; 24 messages Ricardo Signes, Darren Duncan, Dan Book, L A Walsh 18 Jun

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